We are all addicted to some form of chemical released in our bodies. In may be a socially accepted addiction such as requiring praise in your life, approval from others or being part of a team. Some addictions would be labeled positive and some negative, but they are all addictions never the less.

Over the years we have developed these addictions. Our subconscious will attract situations in order to meet our biochemical addiction each day. Drugs, alcohol and smoking are definite physical addictions however so are victimization, sex, fear, distrust, control, arrogance and stress. If you can’t control your emotional/physical state then you are addicted to it. This shouldn’t be a condemning statement; it should be an empowering statement. Your body creates a physical need for that emotional state, these neuropeptides, so it can produce the chemical reaction from the neuropeptides key locking with the cells of the body. Cells are the smallest unit of consciousness. We are addicted to the chemical produced by that emotional state. Over time we naturally want and even require to stay there or to get us back to it as quickly as possible even if the state is not good for us.

Alcoholism and drugs are also chemical addictions, but these were caused by an emotional addiction, emptiness and lack. It’s a “hole in the soul” that we try to fill with the addiction. We think that if we stop drinking we can control it and defeat the addiction, but any alcoholic will tell you this in not the case. We just become a “dry drunk”, miserable in our daily lives because we have not controlled the source of the need to drink. All reformed alcoholics and drug addicts know that only when there is complete surrender to a higher power (God) will this addiction, both physically and emotionally be broken.

All addictions both accepted and unaccepted by society can only be conquered when they are turned over and released to God. A relationship with him is the key that breaks these addictions in our lives. No matter what it may be. As we spend more time with him, there are bonds of physical, chemical and emotional addictions broken and we are set free. Now that you know this on a conscious level and it has been brought to light, you can change it. You can also choose to ignore it and continue to get the same results in life that you’ve always gotten. It’s your choice, Victim or Victor. Who do you help playing the victim? No one.

A Warrior will create his day, change his expectations, control his emotions, venture into the unknown and create infinite possibilities for his tomorrow. We are changing our identity. The speed that we change is up to us and our ability to “die to the flesh”. Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to change? Are you willing to become the powerful being you were created to be? Choose life!

Author's Bio: 

Nick Castellano was trained at Virginia Poly Technical Institute State University and the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program. He spent 10 years participating and training in the nuclear power program of the US Navy and was decorated as “Sailor of the Year” in 1989. Nick was a nuclear instructor in the Navy for 4 years and graduated first in his class completing over 26 specialty schools. While on tour, Nick was the Leading Chief of the Reactor Laboratory Division of the Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN69) and was responsible for all chemistries in both reactor plants. Nick has worked in the industrial water industry and the oil industry developing cutting edge chemistry and patented processes all over the world. He has owned one of the top industrial water treatment companies in the southwest caring for companies such as Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, United Diary and APS power plants. He currently owns several businesses ranging from real estate investing to down hole oil well chemistry. Maximizing Earth’s Original Resources is an international oil enhancement and environmentally friendly (Green) chemical company working with oil wells in China, Russia and the Middle East and throughout the US and Canada. (www.meor.net) Nick is well known in both industries for his expert chemical and application knowledge as well as problem solving capabilities. He currently manages over $15 million in residential and commercial properties.