Addiction Treatment Centers in Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia is a second-largest city on the US’s East Coast, it is the 5th most populous city in the US and largest city in Pennsylvania. In 2017 the city is populated with 1.581million people. Philadelphia is a famous city which is filled with both historical sites and beautiful places to visit like the “City of Brotherly Love” it is the area to view Liberty Bell Center, Independence Hall, Franklin Square, One Liberty Observation Deck, the Museum of the American Revolution, Independence National Historical Park, the Franklin Institute, the Betsy Ross House and the Please Touch Museum.
How people cultivate the habit of abusing substance in Philadelphia?
Despite offering so many attractive and cultural places, Unfortunately, Philadelphia is a second-highest rate of drug overdose deaths in 2016 among the United States’ 44 counties involved more than one million residents. Several people were connected with opioid abuse like opiate, ecstasy, heroin, meth, cocaine, and marijuana. In 2016, due to these substance abuses out of 100,000, or 719 citizens, 46 people lost their lives.
Common Abused Drugs In Philadelphia
Philadelphian are struggling with some different type of drug addiction and this city crosses 257 overdose death from January – March. Philly’s current overdose death rate is more than 1000 overdose in a yearCommon drugs are

• Cocaine
• Heroin
• Marijuana

• Prescription Drugs
• Fentanyl
• Prescription Opioids
Intensive outpatient treatment
Intensive outpatient treatment program allows people to stay at their own home and connect with a treatment at an addiction treatment center during the daytime. A person can maintain his/her job, and start restoring their individual life, with the care and support they gain from the Outpatient treatment program.
These are the Outpatient treatment programs that include:

• Behavioral therapy sessions
• Case management
• Medical and mental health treatment

• Nutritional coaching
• Residential Therapy
• Relapse prevention
• Recreational treatment

• Therapy & Counseling
• Life skills education
• Educational opportunities
• Crisis management

If you are looking for guidance for you or your family members, here are some sample list of rehabilitation centers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania region. This covers both inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs for substance abuse addiction like an opiate, ecstasy, heroin, meth, cocaine, and marijuana.


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