Family is where we seek love and comfort, but what if your family is a victim of drug addiction? It can be extremely devastating, but the necessary measures have to be taken to bring them out of the darkness. Addiction is considered to be a disease which compels the individual to use drugs for survival.


Anyone can become a slave to addiction. Addiction not only affects the addict, but also the people around the sufferer. Signs of substance abuse can be overlooked for a long period of time. The most common warning is the usage of a substance by an individual in spite of inflicting pain in his or her life, both psychologically and physically. The signs should be read carefully and action must be taken to save your loved ones.


Addiction has a terrible effect on the sufferer and the entire family. It is a psychological disorder where the commands given by the brain are altered, that is, it does not allow the addict to think, after the decision to use substance is made. 50% of the cases pertaining to substance abuse were found to be genetic by Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.


The development of substance use gets more harmful over time. The family has to witness the actions of the addict caused by the disease which is extremely heartbreaking and uncontrollable. The family members begin to experience anxiety, fear, anger, depression, concern, and guilt. This causes degradation of the health of the family members.


Studies have proven that children who come from abusive households suffer psychologically and have many social issues in their lives. Family and environment play a major role during childhood as it causes healthy mental development. While living with an addict in the same house, the family members experience a steep decline in their emotional and mental health status.


If someone who is close to you is a drug addict or alcoholic, the primary right thing to do is seek for help. It is extremely important to be open about the situation and ask for guidance. Doing it alone will take a toll on you, so get professional help. There are plenty of reasons why getting your addicted loved one into a rehabilitation center is very important. They keep an eye on their health and provide mental diagnosis.


Cost is a major barrier for a lot of people. You want your loved one to be in safe hands, but you can’t afford to pay for their treatment in a rehab. There are a few good options to consider if you are in this situation. Federal Health offers a variety of insurance programs, the popular ones being  Medicare and Medicaid. These programs will help you afford the treatment for your loved one. For those who do not have private-insurance, Federal and State- funded treatment is a great option.

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