Should I?

…Will I be able to?

……What if it all goes wrong!!!?


How often do we stop dead in our tracks, crippled by indecision?


Yet there is so much wisdom in each of us! Decisions would be so much simpler if we could tap into our abundant, God-given wisdom, don't you think!


You might find clarity and self-efficacy through this simple journaling exercise


For this exercise, you'll be communicating with a "wisdom figure" who is significant to you in a meaningful way.


The first step is to choose your wisdom figure. This might be someone who calls you to your highest self. Examples might include; mother goddess, magical child archetype, a future self or higher self, a great grandmother, spirit guide, or an angel. It might be an icon you admire. For me, that would be Joan of Arc!


Once you choose who you will be dialoguing with, your questions will be written with your dominant hand and the responses of your wisdom figure will be written with your non-dominant hand. Non-dominant handwriting is not easy to read, so don't worry about your penmanship!


Questions need to be open-ended rather than yes/no for best results. You can ask about a current project, a business development, a decision you need to make, the source of troubling feelings, or anything else that is on your mind.


Why write with the non-dominant hand?


Our brains have contralateral organization, which means the right side of the body is controlled by the left hemisphere, and correspondingly for the left side of the body. Also, for about 99% of the population, their language-dominant side of the brain controls their dominant hand.


Therefore, when you write with your dominant hand, you are accessing the part of the brain that processes language in a step by step, sequential, rule-based manner.


By writing with your non-dominant hand, you'll be directly accessing the feeling and intuitive side of your brain. This part of the brain processes holistically, using sensations, images and intuitions.


This method of writing will give you a well-rounded and balanced perspective on the issue you're facing. Some great insights should surface!!!


Try it right now - you can do this in a couple of minutes


Take a moment to settle your energy, take a deep breath and set the intention of being surrounded and nourished by a sacred space.


Invite your wisdom figure to join you in a conversation to support you to gain greater wisdom and clarity. Draw your attention to an internal sensation or visualization of your wisdom figure.


As you begin to write, express your gratitude for the guidance and support of your wisdom figure. Allow time for your wisdom figure to respond.


Write your first question. Receive and write down the answer that comes to you. Continue until you reach a new level of clarity - and hopefully serenity!


Tapping into a powerful source of higher wisdom can help us when we get "stuck in our heads" trying to reason things out.


Give this method of dialoguing with a wisdom figure a try and see how it works for you when you feel stuck or full of doubt and conflicting feelings!


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