Since the very beginning of iron being manufactured five hundred years ago we have been aware of its practical properties for transferring heat. If the iron was too big to be wrought, it was then cast within a mould making cast iron, which was quite frequent within the early 1800s and thereafter within the construction of bridges, among other things. The main attraction to iron was the fact that it was quite a cheap material to produce, this made it ideal for the production of products within the home. The first home iron products that were introduced were for heating purposes and were in the form of register grates for the living room. During the Victorian era, they then started to develop new designs and the register grate was replaced by creative fireplaces featuring wooden mantels and an iron back panel. This would transform the aesthetics of the living room while adding even more practicality to the fires use which is why builders thought it would be a great idea to create their very own designs.

The traditional cast iron fire backs were used because of their heat transferring properties, as mentioned earlier. This is a sheet of heavy black cast iron which adds extra function to the fire by working on the same premise as a radiator, the metal is heated by the fire, or hot water in the case of a radiator, and that heat is then circulated throughout the room. This fantastic material is efficient in the way of making the most of your fire's obvious function, thus cutting the cost of heating bills.

There are now a huge choice of charming fireplace surrounds and fires which are manufactured from only the finest cast iron. With a choice of designs that have been replicated from the Victorian and Georgian periods and have been carefully refined to create the look and feel of those original designs, the only difference is that nowadays they are able to run on fuels that aren't as environmentally damaging and offer an efficient way of heating the home.

With so many of today's top home design trends based on nostalgia you can't go wrong with a cast iron fireplace. Homes around the world are rediscovering the warmth and aesthetical attraction of antique furniture which is just as popular as ever before. With modern families fitting in time to spend together within their hectic lives it is so important that they can do it in both a comfortable and captivating living area, sitting around a cosy fire is the perfect place to gather with loved ones and do this.

As practical as they are many people opt for the cast iron fireplace for their captivating appearance, a stunning fireplace is sure to complete the ambience of the home; whether you are searching for a specific replica product or would just like an attractive addition to your living room. Cast iron fireplaces are not only cost effective but most importantly offer a centrepiece for family and guests to gather around during the cold winter months. With so many amazing designs out there today there has never been a better time to purchase the perfect one for your particular décor, with such fireplaces are able to greatly compliment both contemporary and old fashioned designs of the home.

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