It seems to be tougher these days to find truly unique party decorations. The same packages of themed plates, cups and napkins are available to everyone online. But one thing that can add real personality is personalized napkins and other items. While most people associate these with weddings, advances in printing have made the cost much lower and printing much faster.

In thinking about getting personalized napkins, the first consideration is the type or style of napkins you want to get. An outdoor BBQ will require tough, full sized napkins while an evening get together may just require cocktail napkins. Think about both the type and how many of each you'll need.

Start thinking the ideas for the design. This will be based on the theme or type of party of course, but it also pays to check online to get ideas. Printing of just about anything can be done. For a family reunion you can have sets of napkins printed with family photos. Have each family provide one and then print them up. It is a great surprise.

For a birthday party, photos of the celebrant at different ages are great, or pictures from past birthdays. Of course anniversaries are perfect opportunities for photos of the couple over the years. The mind can run wild with ideas.

Color is another consideration and depends on the design. If going with simple customized printing, lighter colors will work better to show off the printing. Photos may require certain color choices so be sure to check with the supplier to see what is available. Also think about how the colors will match other décor. Many personalized napkin printers also do plates, cups and other party accessories so think about either a full set, or make sure the items you choose look good together.

Don't forget to consider personalized napkins for corporate events and trade-shows as well. Some companies have printed different key products from their product line as a bit of extra marketing to clients. For corporate parties printing highlights from the company's past is also a great idea to boost morale.

Also consider the quality of the paper you want. For novelty sake one doesn't have to go overboard, but for serious use, make sure to get something that will stand up. In some cases guests might want to keep a few as a memento so keep this in mind when thinking about both quality and quantity.

Finding a supplier is easy with the Internet. Be sure to check with a number of potential suppliers as printing capabilities can vary among firms. Also, as mentioned see what quality options are available. It is worth also considering ordering other party supplies from the same company to save on shipping, so be sure the firm has the full range of things you need.

Making a party or event unique is easy with personalized printed napkins. The cost is not that much more than standard party napkins and the ideas are almost limitless. One can also add other items to create a whole unique set with photos, printing, and graphics, whatever is desired. It can make any party truly one of a kind.

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