If you have a room or workspace where you enjoy your crafting, art projects and hobbies, chances are it has a tendency to become a bit cluttered and chaotic. When this happens, a room that should be designed to promote happiness and creativity can turn into an energy-draining area. If your craft room or workshop doesn't seem to inspire you, here are a few feng shui tips you can use to transform it into a more positive place to work and have fun.

Organized But Not Spartan

If you automatically think of sparse furniture arrangements and minimalist decorating styles when you hear the words "feng shui," think again. Although clutter is certainly the enemy of positive energy flow, your craft room doesn't have to be pared down to the bare minimum in order to make it a more energy-friendly place. In fact, basic feng shui principles promote a room being designed to perfectly support the activities that take place within it. So, although a sparsely decorated room might be perfect for your meditation area, you'll need a few more features in order to create an efficient craft room, studio or workshop.

Good storage techniques are vital to a well-organized craft room. Shelves, drawer units and cabinets can all provide efficient storage for crafting supplies while helping to reduce visual clutter. Wall shelves and cabinets can be especially effective, since they don't take up floor space. You should always try to keep the floor area of your craft room as clear and open as possible. Try to visualize water running through the room. If there are cluttered areas on the floor that would impede the flow of water, these areas are also preventing the free flow of positive energy throughout your workspace.

Create a Purpose-Driven Space

When designing an efficient craft room or workshop, you should give some thought as to the kinds of activities you will be engaging in while in the space. For example, if you enjoy serene and relaxing crafts such as knitting, crocheting, or weaving, soothing colors, clean lines and relaxing shapes will make for a well-designed room. On the other hand, if you enjoy crafting activities that have a higher level of energy, bright colors such as yellow, red, green or purple could be a good fit.

Efficiently designed work areas that are a good fit for your chosen activities are also very important. Always keep your desk or worktable clean and organized. Not only will a clean workspace allow you to be more efficient, but it will also promote the free flow of positive energy and creativity.

Whenever possible, open the room's windows to let in plenty of sunshine and fresh air. If the window displays beautiful scenery, choose sheer or minimalist window treatments that will allow you to enjoy the view. If the room doesn't have a window, hang a mirror on one of the walls to reflect more light and brighten the space. Adding one or two live plants to your workspace will also add a touch of nature.

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