To add 10 pounds of muscle is no easy task. But you can defiantly do it with the right program, determination, and a little time.

If you use just a few of these tips, you can make some progress. But if you use all of them together, you'll make great progress very quickly!

Eat More!

To put on muscle, you must eat more. That muscle doesn't grow out of thin air - eat!

You'll also need to be eating your protein. Protein gives you the building blocks to support and construct more of your body, especially muscle. Good sources of protein include beef, chicken, pork (all dead animals, really), eggs, yogurt, and milk.

Damn Hard Weight Training!

Bodyweight exercises help, and there's nothing wrong with kettlebells or CrossFit, but old fashioned barbell and dumbbell work is really how to add muscle. It’s simple, and people have been using barbells and dumbbells for decades to add muscle.

Lift heavy weights and do big exercises like the squat, deadlift, and bench press. These big lifts stress a lot of your body and help you add muscle size quickly.

Especially squats - they strengthen your legs, hip, and back muscles. You can't go wrong with squats!

Rest and Recovery

Then after you've lifted, rest. Rest is an essential part of putting on muscle, since you need to give your body time to grow and add quality muscle.

If you eat enough and get lots of rest and sleep you'll do fine. And remember, if you're really active doing sports or martial arts or dancing, then you'll probably need more rest to put on that muscle and if you’re just sitting at the computer all day.

Overtraining is the flip side of this. If you're too active and don't eat enough and don't get enough sleep, you won't put on the muscle - you might even lose muscle mass! So do yourself a favor and rest.


Do you really need supplements? No.

Sure, your can take them and you might get benefits, but really hard work in the gym is THE way to add 10 pounds of muscle. No amount of concoctions or special potions will make up for a crummy workout program.


Genetics really don't play as much of a role as everybody seems to think. True, your genetics determine the upper limit of how much muscle you can have, but anybody can add 10 pounds of muscle. Anybody.

Some people say that they aren't the right type, the iconic mesomorph who's well muscled. That's B.S. - with enough sweat and a good workout, you can become much tons more muscular.

Don't make excuses about why you can't reach your goals. Work hard, have a good plan, and just do it!

20 Rep Squats

20 rep squats is an old program for building muscle fast. Basically, you do lots of heavy, deep squats (20 of them) until your muscles are in tons of pain, and then you drink tons of milk and eat a ton.

It's ludicrously simple, and gives you great results. Workout hard, eat, and rest. Try it.

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