How are you with adapting to financial change lately, is this something that you are accustom to or are you being force to take a look at your problems that you would rather sweep under the rug and hope it goes away.

Change may threaten

Change may threaten your foundation of who you are and how you represent your world because this change carries with it the fear of the unknown.

Fear of the unknown of where you are going, how you going to get there and the results of what is going to happen is more fearful that the fear itself.

You may seek security and create change through small deliberate actions and this may make fear of taking any risk easier because of the unknown.

You may use money as a way to feel worthy by how you dress the car you drive always looking for that recognition from people you do not know.

Making a positive change

If you felt you had hope of making a positive change you would go forward and behave and choose actions to increase these outcomes.

Making positive change may ask of you to believe, have hope or to be so tired of what you are doing that anything is better than staying in the same place and so you are willing to go forward for a short time and see what happens.

The feelings of moving into a new way of behaving are not always easy and you may do it for a while only to find yourself going back to your old ways that feels secure even if you do not like it.

Creating new changes

Looking at how you go about doing things with your emotions when comes to finance can bring more insight from where you are blocking.

When you fear taking risk when you have done the right amount of work and you know that taking that risk is the right move yet you are still fearful then you know this fear is a habit you have about creating new changes in your life.

Changing your money identity

Changing your money identity maybe difficult for you because this is what you have known for a long time and you are afraid to make that change because there is a lot of emotionally feelings and memories attach to how you spent your money.

You may be afraid of what others may say about you if you show another way of acting with your money.

You may fear others judging you or saying you are cheap or selfish because you may have use money in the past to get some recognition from others.

Making unfamiliar decisions

Creating new ways of behaving, acting and doing your daily routine, making unfamiliar decisions can be profitable for you when you move to a positive way of having more funds.

This is not always easy when you are accustom to having difficulty and it will take some time to adjust to this new way of behaving.

You may notice that having more gradually may work for you more than to have a great amount at once because you can grow into this new feeling of having more money.

Change for many people are difficult so do not feel you are the only one, it is the unknown that may scare you to make that other step to have a better life although you may want it.

Conclusion : Adapting to financial change can be frighten when you are not accustom of having all the things you always wanted coming to you easily.

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