Joint pain can occur in any part of the body, including bone to tissue. this suggests that pain will be felt with swelling in any of the 360 ​​joints in our body. In such a situation, the peel is not any but a panacea. Let's understand how to alleviate joint pain using lemon rind.
How lemon rind works in joint pain: Lemon contains a high amount of pectin, vitamin B1, B6, and minerals. Also, calcium and ascorbic acid are present in plenty. The anti-inflammatory properties found in the skin provide relief to blood vessels. It keeps bones strong and relieves joint pain. Not only this, but the peel also reduces the pain associated with bone diseases like osteoporosis, autoimmune disease, and polyarthritis. Lemon peels can usually be employed in some ways to alleviate joint pain.

In this article, we are telling you two ways:
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Method 1
- Wash two large lemons thoroughly and peel them in an exceeding vessel.
- Grate the peels. detain mind that we only must grate the yellow part of the lemon ie the skin and not the white part.

- Rub the grated peel on the joints and wrap the bandage.
- Open the bandage after two hours. you may get relief from joint pain.
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Method 2
- Remove two large lemon peels.

-Grind these peels well.
Now keep the grounded peels in an exceedingly clean jar and add vegetable oil thereto.
Close the jar and keep it for 2 weeks.
-Apply soaked lemon rind in oil on the joints and wrap the bandage.
Wrap a plastic cover over the strip in order that the oil doesn't spread on your skin.
To keep the painful part warm, wrap a woolen cloth over the plastic cover.
- The effect of peel and oil will reach deep into your skin and relieve joint pain.

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Lemon rind could be a great home remedy for joint pain. The special thing is that it's no side effects. It leaves a deep impact on the affected part, which relieves the matter of joint pain.

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