A good man in hard times prays to god - “god, just let me win the lottery, I have been good, I love everyone equally, I live a decent life. I just wish I had a break from all this financial turmoil, please just let me win.”

Weeks go by, the man hasn't won.

In the mean time his car breaks down and he can't get to work. Again, he prays, “god, please, I really need help, please just let me win the lottery. I can't get to work and I have no money to fix my car. I have continued to be kind to others and respectful and humble, please just let me win the lottery.”
Again, weeks go by and the man does not win.

Then one day he finds out that his mother has fallen ill and needs an operation to survive. They don't have any insurance for her, and since he's been out of work, he has no way to pay for it. Again, he falls to his knees and with tears in his eyes calls out to god, “please god, I beg you, I have been good, I am a loving and kind person. My only goal in this world is to serve others. I have lost my job, I have no car and now my mother needs an operation I can't afford or she will not survive. Please, please just let me win the lottery.”

He prayed and cried until he could do no more. When he finally lay still, he heard a voice in his head saying, “do me a favor, kid – buy a ticket!”

We've heard it before. Actions speak louder than words. Intention is everything they tell us, I say action is born of intention, and without such only loss of faith will follow.

I see so many follow the intention path only to erupt in a fit of rage when all their affirmations and beliefs don't bring about the requested results. When this happens repeatedly, they denounce the entire process and begin questioning their faith.

The truth is, intention without action is the mother of many grievous ailments. Including hoarding, addiction, abuse, physical and mental illness, obesity, the list goes on and on.

Everything from the lazy man that says he'll start dieting tomorrow, now pass him that pizza to the hoarder that says she needs that box of pipe cleaners for a project she wants to do with her now grown children is a direct example of non-activated intentions.

Even some light workers are not immune to this process. I have seen many that have long practiced as light workers still not be able to let go of their judgements, despite their intent to hold unconditional love and acceptance for all.

We must all strive to improve on taking action upon our intentions. We must do the work, not try to get it done. Indeed there is power in intent, that much is evident, however do not forget to take the steps to complete the path.

Much Love,

Author's Bio: 

Allene Schwartz, Alle for short, is a spiritual teacher and guide. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her family. She works as a private music teacher, but has recently began work on a large-scale art and music project - The Celestial Perspective - which is designed to help others obtain enlightenment. When not teaching little ones their scales and arpeggios, Alle has reached out into the community to help people find their way on their paths towards the light. You can find more of her work and further information about The Celestial Perspective Project at mutterednonsense.blogspot.com and celestialperspective.blogspot.com.