The biggest hindrance that most of us face in not achieving our goals and objectives is that we don’t act aggressively enough to accomplish them. I used to think that if God is on my side every accomplishment would be easy. There is nothing further from the truth and I have learned better now. I have missed out on many opportunities in life and many accomplishments because I would falter at the first sign of difficulty and figure that since there were so many problems I must be doing the wrong thing. Now I know that anything worthwhile is worth fighting for and we will have to fight to secure any major accomplishments. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. It is what it is. I had to accept this fact and roll with it. There is a massive difference between hoping or wishing for self improvement, or that something will change in our lives, and actively deciding to make changes in our lives.

New Year resolutions often fall into the wishing and hoping category. If we say ‘I’d like to give up smoking’ or ‘I need to lose weight’ or ‘I really should get fit’ or ‘I should get a better job’ our chances of success aren’t great. Why not? The wording alone makes these more like a wish list of things that we think will make us happier if they happened. We need to decide what we need to accomplish then make it happen. There is no other way.

Decisions are when we say to ourselves I am going to do whatever I have to do to lose 30 pounds in the next six months or I am not prepared to put up with my job any longer. We need to decide that ‘enough is enough’ and be absolutely serious that this is what we want. We need to be prepared get any information and help we need, form a plan and be prepared to take massive and consistent action. We need to be 100% committed to our decisions and be prepared to follow through whatever it takes. If you have faith and confidence in the plan it will work for you. Your faith will make you work all the more when it looks as if things might not go the way that you need for them to go.

The first step to making any change is making a decision. The next step is to make your decision work for you. No decision will be perfect. If you waver because you want to work out all of the beginning details you don’t have confidence in your decision. Conditions will never be perfect so a decision won’t ever be perfect.

Aggressive execution will make your decision work. If you refuse to take no for an answer of to allow failure as an option you will win 99 per cent of the time. You can make a bad decision and execute it well enough to make it right.

I once talked to an ex Marine who was telling me one of their philosophies on accomplishing the mission given to them by their commander. They believed that if their commander made a mistake they could compensate and make it right by being more aggressive in their execution.

I have noticed that successful people are more often than not what we call hard chargers. They refuse to listen to negative feedback which will hinder their accomplishment of their mission. As I write this article I am looking at one of the best college football coaches in America. His philosophy has always been this; “We performed well but there are some areas in which we need improvement.” The successful person is always striving for more. The Good Life

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