Are you struggling in MLM due to the reactions you create? Do you understand the principle of Action Reaction for success in Network Marketing?

Did you know that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction? So why is that important in Network Marketing or MLM? Because what you say to people will prompt then to react a certain way.

How they react to what you say will determine your ability to acquire them as a customer or to recruit them into your MLM business. The fact is people are reactive to what you say. Let me give you a specific example.

Let’s say you will be attending an event this evening, perhaps a wedding reception. You’re going to have the chance to interact with dozens, if not hundreds of people. What a great opportunity to promote your Network Marketing product or business.

It’s early Saturday morning and you’re sitting at the breakfast table reading the daily paper. You read a story about how the Real Estate Industry is struggling and that a high percentage of Realtors are unhappy with their jobs.

The light bulb goes on and you say to yourself “I’ll target realtors tonight at the reception and solicit my business to any that I meet.”

It’s 45 minutes into the reception, you meet a woman and in general conversation you ask each other what you do for a living and she says “I’m a realtor”.

SCORE! You blurt out. “Man I heard that is a tough industry right now, you must really hate your job.” And she replies “Actually I love my job and I’m doing very well.”

Uh oh! Now what? Not the reaction you were hoping for. Unfortunately a reaction that YOU created. You just ruined a perfectly good prospect. The fact is….all prospects are neutral. They become good prospects or bad prospects after they meet YOU!

Now, what if you had handled the situation differently? She says “I’m a realtor.” And you say “That’s great! I heard that’s a terrific way to make lots of money.”

Now you are in control because you’ve invited her to confirm or deny a “positive” statement about her real estate business. She might reply with something like “That’s why I’m here. To try to get some business, it’s not going so well.”

You just created a “good” prospect. Now you can use the “I show people” skill, or the “I just found out” technique to introduce her to your business. Make sense? Sure it does, and most successful people will agree.

The true principle of reaction is that almost all people will get defensive when something negative is implied about anything related to their life. Meaning they will “disagree.” ACTION! REACTION!

If a person wants to participate in, or take control of a conversation, they must disagree. This is the “Principle of Reaction”. If you want a prospect to react differently, you cannot change the prospect, you must change what you say and do. You must change how they react to YOU!

If you really want to get people to drop their shields and be open to the product and business you promote, you must learn to take control of the conversation and create the right reaction.

Still wondering if you need skills to be successful in Network Marketing? The fact is, trying to grow your business without the proper skills is like trying to pound a nail into a wall with a banana. Look for a Master Networker who can help you learn and practice these techniques, so you can succeed in your MLM business.

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