Twelve years of grueling school and significant effort is the preparation needed to go to college, but it is not all you need in order to get in. Before you can submit your papers to the schools of your choice you first need to have your ACT or SAT score for the standardized tests. The ACT and SAT tests are very difficult tests and they are designed to max out every student's level of knowledge to see how well they will perform in college. It is interesting that colleges and universities weigh the scores on the standardized ACT and SAT tests heavily as they consider an application for admission to your dream college. According to Omega Educational Consulting President Steven Cruz, the ACT score "has considerable weight in a college application and is, in fact, approximately equal in importance to the high school transcript." The bottom line is that these entrance exams are important to getting accepted to your school of choice.

Another key factor in college these days is the expense of tuition, books and living expenses. In recent years the cost of attending college has risen dramatically. According to the Associated Press "The five years have seen prices rise 31 percent above and beyond the general inflation rate for other goods and services - the worst record on college prices of any five-year period covered by the survey dating back 30 years." "In-state students at four-year public schools are paying $6,185 this year, up $381 from last year, according to the nonprofit College Board's annual survey of college costs, released Monday. At four-year private colleges, tuition and fees rose 6.3 percent to $23,712." These dramatically increasing costs are not slowing down. More and more it is a significant sacrifice to attend college. Most colleges and universities are offering scholarships and grants to well qualified students. These grants are going to students with the best high school transcripts and scores on the standardized SAT and ACT exams. In a similar fashion to college entrance the scores on the exams are weighed to see who the best students are and who should get the increasingly valuable scholarships.

It is critical to any person seeking to go to college to take significant time to prepare for the ACT and SAT exams. These exams are tough and it is important to take the exams seriously. There are a number of test prep courses and tools in the market that say they can help, but how do you know what will give you the best results for the time you invest in them. The eyeQ Advantage product by Infinite Mind is by far the most valuable single thing you can do to improve your test score. The eyeQ system has been proven time and time again to provide significant results to those that use it. A group of 11 students in Utah took the ACT and did not score as well as they would have liked. Then using eyeQ Advantage system ( ) the students took the twelve sessions of eyeQ to improve their reading speed and comprehension. After the twelve sessions they retook the ACT and saw an average increase in their ACT score for the reading section of just over 20%. One student saw a 70% increase in their ACT reading score!

A separate group of sixteen students in Florida took the SAT. After they took the SAT they went through the eyeQ system which resulted in significantly improved reading and comprehension. They then re-took the SAT. The result was an average increase of 19% in their Math and Reading combined scores! One student saw an increase of 34% in the Math and Reading combined scores. The key factor in these two success stories is the eyeQ system. EyeQ will significantly increase the speed at which students can read and comprehend information. Most students double or triple their reading speed in a matter of weeks.

The difference in a good ACT or SAT score could mean entrance into the right college or getting a scholarship. The parent of an eyeQ user said this:

"Because of eyeQ, my son Drew was able to raise his ACT scores immensly. It was able to get him an academic scholarship to the University of Chicago for $39,000." (S. Martinez, Parent)

A student named B. Craggs said this of eyeQ:

"The first time I took the ACT near the end of my junior year of high school, I walked out of there and I knew that I had not done very well, because I didn't have enough time to complete all of the sections. Because of eyeQ, I am now a freshman in Lyman Briggs College at Michigan State University, and I am pre-med major. Hopefully I will be attending med school in the future. Thanks eyeQ!"

The eyeQ Advantage system will give students the abilities and confidence they need to succeed on the ACT and SAT exams.

Author's Bio: 

Chris Wardle is a business professional that helps people achieve their educational and professional goals through the continued use of self development tools. One product, the eyeQ Speed Reading Program, has shown to help many people across the United States and comes highly recommended as a personal development tool.

The eyeQ™ Brain Enhancement and Speed Reading Progam combines revolutionary learning techniques with the efficiency of the computer. You will experience the most advanced and effective speed reading program available today.

The eyeQ program was developed in Japan over the past 30 years by Dr. Akihiro Kawamura. Through extensive research and testing, he found that we can significantly increase our brain's learning and processing ability through a series of high-speed imaging exercises which utilize both graphics and text.