From across the distant lands, and to the distant seas, you don’t know me, but I wish you peace. Through times of uncertainty and life’s hardships; hold tight to your faith, you will get through it.

I wish I could carry your weight, but you are stronger than I. I hate the thought of war with all the death, injustices and lies.

With all of the beauty that surrounds you, your beautiful mountains and seas, with your beautiful art work, beads and satin for your ceremonies, all is cherished; nothing is lost. If you live in destruction, just know this in peace. For all our time is limited, so grab your loved ones closely and give them peace. Just know when it’s all over, that our hearts and minds will be free, to remember the days on earth remembering it like it was a dream.

Merry Christmas around the world may you have peace. Here’s to a much better 2011 throughout the land. Share, love, give, console, smile, cheer and say a prayer, for in the brotherhood of man, we all want peace.

So hug your little ones and give them stories of hope. They are our next generation to correct the ones before.

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My name is Tami Principe. I am the creator of Go to I created my website so that everyone had a place to go to offer and receive hope and encouragement. You can post a comment on one of my blogs, visit my chat room and say hello to others. You can view the books that I have posted on my website. There are many online courses to choose from as well. I also have an extensive resource list as well.

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