There are many things to think about when choosing an acne product. Many people focus on ingredients, which is a smart thing to do, and others tend to measure whether the ingredients are all natural or chemical based. One thing that many consumers overlook, however, is the fact that many of these acne products are drying by nature and can cause severe damage to the skin. While all natural, quality ingredients are certainly the ingredients of choice, consumers must also protect themselves from the alternatives. Chemical based products have a tendency to dry the skin out causing further damage than the breakout itself. The author examines chemical based acne products and explains both the concerns as well as alternatives for consumption.

Over drying is very common with acne products and the reason is simple. To a certain extent, your skin is oily and full of excess dirt when you are having a breakout. So ingredients that dry the skin out appear to be helping the breakout, at least for the first few days. Many of these products pride themselves on the rapid removal of acne. The problem is that they are doing so by throwing your skin’s entire balance of moisture and nutrition way off. From day five on of these acne treatments, you begin to strip your skin of its overall health and in some cases can even cause free radical generation within your skin.

Acne treatments such as Benzoyl Peroxide not only dry the skin out rapidly, they continue to diminish the moisture content out until skin cells become unhealthy. Unhealthy skin cells are damaged, unsightly cells that take months to restore. Complexions can become grey and appear foggy rather than exuberant and revitalized. Benzoyl Peroxide and many other chemical based alternatives have proven to cause even more severe concerns than that. They actually cause the development of free radicals within your skin.

Free radicals are molecules with only one electron rather than two. They seek out a secondary electron, stealing it from another, otherwise healthy skin cell. This creates a reaction and cycle that ultimately results in severe premature aging. It is the equivalent of laying unprotected in the sun for hours each time you use this product. For many acne users this is twice daily, every single day of their life. This can lead to serious skin concerns, not just dry, flaking skin.

For those of you who must use an acne treatment every day the choice of ingredients becomes that much more important. Not only do you want effective products, but you want them to be safe. The best thing to do is to avoid anything with Benzoyl Peroxide, it is the worst of the worst. Choose instead an all natural ingredient that kills the acne-causing bacteria, but heals the skin instead of dries it. This ingredient goes by the name of Resveratrol. This has proven to be the most effective treatment for acne, and it doesn’t dry out the skin, or cause free radicals. It maintains the health and skin while effectively removing acne breakouts and protecting against scarring. Oxford University claims this ingredient is far superior to its chemical alternative and dermatologists worldwide agree, making Resveratrol the most widely recommended natural ingredient in the industry.

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The author, Mark Daniels is an expert on the latest and best acne treatment products and ingredients on the market. His experience as a skin care consultant in both the anti aging and acne segments makes him a highly respected authority on the topics.