Acne can be an embarrassing condition and while many think acne is a "teen disease", evidence has show that it affects teenagers and adults. If your skin is acne prone, changing your diet can help to the condition.

There are common myths about what actually causes acne but one of the biggest is that acne is caused by drinking soda or eating too much candy. While it's not necessarily true that what you eat and drink causes acne, there is a fine line to that "myth." Let me explain.

Causes of Acne

Acne has a number of causes but the main root cause is excess oil production causing clogged hair follicles rearing it's ugly little head in the form of whiteheads and blackheads. Metabolic changes can also cause acne breakouts. Stress is another factor that can cause hormonal changes which while not causing acne directly, certainly influences the over activity in the oil glands which in causes the acne.

Change Your Diet to Start Fighting Acne

This brings us back to considering the fact that your diet can play a role in you getting acne breakouts. Remember I said that what you eat and drink causes acne is a myth? Well, while that is true, eating a poor diet high in fat and processed carbohydrates can bring about metabolic and hormonal changes causing an increase in those oil glands which will cause acne if not put under control. So, your diet while not necessarily the exact cause of acne can be the catalyst to stimulate other factors (hormones)that can cause acne.

While just changing your diet won’t eliminate acne, it can reduce the breakouts and help you to fight acne more proactively. Since your skin is an organ, just like any other organ in your body, you have to feed it correctly or it can show signs of breakdown. In the case of your skin, acne breakouts.

To help reduce the instances of acne, choose foods that are wholesome and as as close to natural as possible. Avoid processed foods because they contain so many chemical additives that your body barely recognizes them, making them very difficult to digest. Fruits, veggies and whole grains provide you with essential vitamins and fiber to help you digest your food properly. Fiber is especially helpful since it helps remove the fat from the foods you eat and with fewer impurities in your system, your skin has a better chance at being healthier and clearer.

Change your diet for several months to see if it helps you fight acne and reduce acne outbreaks. If it doesn't help, then at least you have made some changes that will positively effect the rest of your health.

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