“Only teenagers can have acne” is a false belief. Acne is a problem that can be occurred on anyone at any age. There is no best acne treatment for everyone. Just because of someone able to get rid of his acne problem easily with acne medication, and this does not mean that it will work the same for others. Consulting dermatologist is the best approach if you want to find a suitable and effective acne solution for your acne condition. Doing self-medication often does more harm than good. In this article, you will learn some of the common acne treatments that you can consider following it.

The treatment of the acne has to do a lot with the condition of acne; mild, moderate and severe condition. Different acne condition requires different acne treatment and approach. Applying wrong acne treatment on wrong condition may worsen your skin health further.

Mild Acne Condition:

You do not have to worry much about your skin at this stage. You can get rid of them with ease as long as you wash your face 2 times a day. It is recommended for you to using an antibacterial facial wash and oil-free moisturizer to wash your face. Antibacterial facial wash will kill the bacteria that cause inflammation, and oil-free moisturizer will be used to maintain the skin moisture. Leaving your skin too dry can make your skin irritated and more prone to acne breakout.

Moderate Acne Condition:

As for the moderate acne condition, the measures for mild acne condition can be applied here, but not to extend that you are hoping for. It takes longer time to remove acne from your face. You need additional medication of some sort for moderate acne condition. Most of dermatologist will probably prescribe a topical clindamycin, erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid for your treatment. For maximum result, cystic acne must be excised in order to let out necrotic tissues trapped within your skin. If not, the inflammation may take a long time to subside, and will leave your face with a reddish bumps where the breakout had occurred.

Severe Acne Condition:

This condition is extremely hard to deal with it. It requires a regimen of both topical medication and antibiotics. Under this condition, a course of doxycycline or acutance normally will be prescribed for patients who are suffering from severe acne. However, these drugs are proven to be so powerful, it may cause a side-effect on the user upon taking it. The patients who are under pregnancy are not allow to take any of these drugs as these drugs can cause a serious effect on the unborn baby’s development.

As you can see, the treatment for every acne condition is extremely different. Trying to do self-medication can be dangerous because you have no idea how certain medicine can aggravate your acne condition or affect your health. Consulting with your dermatologist is the best and the safest approach. Our skins are a delicate thing. It can easily get damaged if you are not careful. Also, drinking more water helps to improve your skin health.

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