Acne is a very problematic disease that can affect anyone. Age doesn't matter. People who are saying that acne only happens on adolescence is wrong. People who are suffered from acne usually felt embarrassed going outside for interaction with others. Because of this reason alone, many acne sufferers are desperate for acne solution. Topical antibiotics are one of the popular acne treatments that are widely used by acne sufferers whose condition is at minor to mild level. As for those whose acne condition is at severe level, they need stronger drugs such as Accutane or stronger antibiotics to deal with their acnes. But, this approach usually is not advisable or recommended. It is because these stronger drugs can cause some nasty side-effect to your health; liver damage and psychiatric problems. As you can see, searching for a cure for acne is not easy.

To prevent acne appears, we should always keep our hormonal system such as testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone at balanced level, so that our body can function optimally. If the balance is disrupted; it usually happens when you reach your puberty, the imbalance will occur, and it will lead to acne breakout. How long this imbalance affecting someone is completely depended on the individual. For some people, it may last for a month, but for others, it may last for a lifetime. Also, hormonal imbalances not only cause acne. It may contribute to other harmful diseases such as cancer.

So, what is the most effective way to get rid of acne? Well, the answer is "nutrition".

In case you don't know, there are many foods that can help your body to balance out the hormones, and remove acne. But then, there are also other foods that will trigger or aggravate your acne. This is why you need to know which foods are good for your skin and what is not. Washing your face regularly with acne foam helps, but it is not an ultimate solution. Feeding your body with proper nutrition is the best way if you truly want to free from acne. Use the nutrition as the foundation of any acne program.

So, which foods that I should avoid? It is obvious that foods that can trigger acne should be cut out immediately. Dairy products; milks, cheese, and yogurt are one of the food category that you should cut off from your diet. The 2nd food that you should exclude is sugar. Sugar can be found in sweets, soft drinks, and all types of junk foods. Avoiding these foods will not only improve your skin health, it also improves your overall health. As for the last one, it is gluten, which is a protein that can be found in wheat. This means that you should cut anything that made out from gluten, such as bread, pasta, bagels and cereals.

Now you know which bad foods that you should avoid or cut out from your diet meals. The next thing you should do is to include a healthy food into your diet meals. Vegetables and fruits are the food that you want to eat every day. These two foods provide a great number of nutrition and minerals to your body. You can also incorporate beans, nuts and seeds to your meals if you are not used to eat vegetables.

Eating supplements such as Fish oil, Borage Oil, Zinc, and Vitamin A is another good alternative if you dislike eating vegetables or fruits. Whether what is your acne condition; mild, moderate or severe, eating a well-balanced food can improve your skin condition, and ultimately prevent acne from developing further.

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