You must have come across many treatments and products that claim to cure your acne within no time, that too permanently. But, it is only after its use that you realize that it wasn't worth all the money and effort you had put in for it. Right? If you have been through this phase, then you must be looking for the most effective acne treatment available in the market. Though the market is flooded with the self proclaimed anti-acne creams, masks, facials and other such beauty products but they do less and promise more. Therefore, after a point comes a saturation point for acne sufferers. Today, the best next alternative is to use the herbs and ingredients that can be easily grown in your backyard garden.

Naturally made home remedies give much more permanent effect than those made with chemicals. With its use, you would have less side effects and more permanent effect. However, there are three known natural remedies that have proven to be beneficial for the cure of acne and they are suitable for all skin types. These three natural treatment for acne are tea tree oil, acne diet and Aloe Vera.

Acne Diet: You must have heard your grannies and nannies always telling you to eat healthy food and dump the junk food. But at that time, you chose not to listen to them without realizing how beneficial their talks and leanings were as they had more experience than you. What goes inside your bowel system, reflects on your face and this isn't a myth but a fact. Sooner or later, your face would tell everybody around about your eating habits and that is through acne, pimples, pustules and facial scars. Of course, hormonal imbalance is also a big reason for the occurrence of acne and pimples and so is your diet. Therefore, adopting an acne diet would help you reduce pimples.

Aloe Vera Gel: This is one plant that can be grown anywhere on the world without much fuss. Even if you don't have a garden at your backyard, you can grow it in your balcony or in the kitchen as well. This is a great relaxing agent when applied on the skin. It has the qualities of extracting all the impurities and germs off the skin, making it look blemish free and supple. Also, this is one plan that can be taken orally as well and with the help of its antiseptic qualities, inflammation is reduced easily.

Tea Tree Oil: This is also one of the most widely used and found acne treatment which helps in getting rid of bacteria, germs and fungi off the skin. If you use products with tea tree oil as the main ingredient, you can see for yourself how soon your face would become acne free.

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