In order to maintain a natural clear and healthy skin, you need a correct nutrition combination. Although many people clearly knew the importance of nutrition for their bodies, many of them did not actually practicing a healthy diet plan. Many of them prefer eating junk foods and fast foods for their regular meals, and hardly consuming any fresh vegetables and fruits. The minerals and vitamins that can be found on the fresh vegetables and fruits are extremely beneficial to our bodies system. These minerals and vitamins are natural and strong antioxidants that can remove the toxins from the body. Furthermore, some of these can improve your body immunity system, so that your skin will not be an easy target for any bacterial infection. Even though that consuming vitamins and minerals are beneficial, it is important to note that only recommended dose of vitamins supplements should be taken.

Here is the list of the recommended vitamins that your body needs to take:

Vitamin A: This vitamin is the most effective vitamin for treating acne. It repairs the damaged skin tissues. It prevents your skin pores from being clogged. It also reduces sebaceous glands from producing excess skin oils. This vitamin can be found in many anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products for obvious reason. As for the food, it can be found in carrots, green vegetables, and oranges.

Vitamin B complex: This vitamin comes with many types of vitamins, and they are Vitamin B, B1, B3, B5 and B6. This vitamin is essential for treating acne because it ensures a proper circulation and improve your digestion and your antibodies. Excess stresses can lead to acne breakout, and Vitamin B complex can reduces or relieves the stresses.

Vitamin C: This vitamin can be found in any citrus fruits. Just like Vitamin A, it repairs the damaged skins that caused by acne. For those who have sensitive and dry skin, taking Vitamin C is a recommended. As for bonus, it also improves your body immunity, which it means that your body will have a great resistant toward cold.

Vitamin E: When it comes to repairing and healing of damaged tissues, Vitamin E is the best vitamin you can get. In fact, it can even heal and removes acne scars. This vitamin is extremely recommended for people who have oily skin condition. Also, it assists in preventing any recurrence of acne.

These are the most important vitamins that your body needs if you want to have a natural clear skin. If you cannot afford taking many of vitamins at the same time, getting multi-vitamin supplements is definitely the best solution. It is cheaper and provides a balance amount of each vitamin for your body. For the best result, you should consume the supplements 2 times a day. Any more than two is not recommended. Not only that, there are other things you need to do to maintain your skin. Completely relying on taking supplement alone is not enough. You should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. Heavy make-up should be avoided at all cost, since most of cosmetic products are made from a chemical that is not so compatible to the skin texture.

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