Acne is the reason that often propels a growing teenager in search of the best acne treatment. The first course of the treatment is always being the over-the-counter acne products or medications. It is because these products are easily accessible, and work wonderful against mild acne condition. However, this is not the only solution for acne. There are many other kind of acne treatments that also deliver a positive result.

Before we go into the treatment section, there is something you need to know or understand about acne; how acne creates havoc on your face. Acne conditions such as pimple, blackheads, and whiteheads are usually a direct result of hormone fluctuations that heavily associate with puberty. This kind of changes in the level of hormones trigger excessive amount of oils secreted by skin glands. The excess oils will eventually block the skin pores, and leads to acne breakout.

Basic Skin Care: Washing your face is the most effective acne treatment that you can do it every day. It is an important step because it will helps to reduce the frequency and severity of acne development. What you really need to do is to clean your face with a facial foam or soap, and wash it away with warm water. This will effectively remove the excessive oils and dirt that are clinging on your face. Also, make sure the products that you are using contain benzoyl peroxide. This ingredient is effectual in combating acne-causing bacteria.

Acne Medication: For moderate and severe acne condition, medicine prescriptions are required. With proper usage, these medicines such as Accutance, Minocycline, and Erythromycin can be effective tools to get rid of severe acne condition. However, these medicines, especially Accutance can cause adverse side-effects on the patients if it is overused. This is why Accutance should be considered as last resort, and should be only used under the professional’s care.

Natural Remedies: Unlike medication approach, natural remedies are often made from natural ingredients such as honey, lemon, tea tree or plants. Because of this, natural remedies usage will not leads to any adverse side-effects on the patients. These natural remedies are excelling in reducing inflammation, repairing the skin structures, and killing acne-causing bacteria. Plus, the natural remedies are cheap and affordable for everyone.

In order to optimize the results, committing to a healthy lifestyle is recommended. All you need to do is eat a balanced meal every day, eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruits, and finally, drink a lot of water. Keep doing this and eventually you will see an improvement on your skin and your health. Getting adequate amount of sleeps also help your mind and body to relax. Believe it or not, excess stresses can lead to acne development too. That is why you need to get enough rest or sleep if you want to reduce the stresses that you currently have.

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