My acid reflux began in my twenties. I abhorred the sour regurgitation - gross and disgusting!

Now, forty years later, I know that when acid reflux occurs, my body is telling me I’ve got bitter emotions about control issues I cannot or will not digest.

I don’t reach for antacids anymore. I tap away my emotional distress via EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is acupressure for the emotions.

Digestive tract issues, including Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) or acid reflux, can be caused by eating foods that your body has difficulty digesting, such as dairy products.

Digestive tract ills can also be triggered by bitter emotions, such as feeling forced to swallow a disagreeable part of life, personally or professionally. Your body is telling you that painful emotions are interfering with its digestion.


Use this EFT Shortcut or any emotional release modality that you prefer. If you know what emotions or situation irritated your digestive tract, modify the below clearing statements to apply to that dilemma.

NOTE: this info does NOT replace a doctor's care or prescribed medications.

STEP ONE: Think about when the digestive issues began. What was happening in your personal or professional life that you didn’t want to “digest” or accept? Write down all your emotions from then and now about this situation. Rate those emotions from 1 (not a big deal) to 10 (maximum distress).

STEP TWO: Using one or more fingertips, lightly tap under your nose and above the center of your upper lip. This is the EFT acu-point known as “UN” or under the nose. It’s also your Governing Vessel Meridian endpoint, an extremely powerful energy release location!

While gently tapping, simultaneously repeat the below clearing statements three times, modified for what you wrote down (if possible):

- Even though I have this digestive tract upset, I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself.
- I let go of all mental blocks to knowing the exact emotional triggers and situations for this (condition).
- The bitter regurgitation symbolizes a need for me to release the acidic emotions from this tough time.
- I release these fears that this ailment (name the condition) and these awful memories won’t go away.
- I now let go of my fears that the bad times and hurtful memories about (painful situation) will never end.
- I let go of the emotions churning in my gut of betrayal, bitterness, anger, rage, fury, hatred, and disgust.
- Someday if not today, I will forgive myself and everyone involved in this situation, for MY well being.
- As I clear my energy meridians of these emotional blocks, my entire digestive tract heals. I am well!
- I choose to accept the past, release resistance, and allow my entire digestive tract to heal. So be it!

STEP THREE: Take a deep breath or two then relax. Did any uncomfortable memories or distressing situations come to mind as you tapped?

Tap away the emotions connected to that specific memory. When you can think about it and have no emotional charge, you should be 100% clear of the emotions that triggered this condition.

STEP FOUR: Wait a few days and notice if your digestion ills improve. If not, you may have several more aspects or fear layers. Start again at step one, determine what’s left to clear, and tap it away.

Tap each day for the optimum well being of you, your loved ones, and your animal friends!

Author's Bio: 

Colleen M. Flanagan, EFT-INTc / EFTCert-1, is a mind-body-emotions expert and the author of several Amazon books including Tapping Success Scripts and Tapping Away Adult Acne. People call Colleen “The Emotions Whisperer” due to her ability to rapidly identify and release the traumatic emotional roots of most unwanted conditions. To learn more, visit Colleen's website at Enjoy free mind-body videos, articles, books, audios and for Seniors, Colleen's Boomer Blast articles section!