Have you ever spent the day just running errands, picking up kids, making sure dinner is prepared, and getting little jr. to his baseball game? At the end of the day as you’re finally sitting down relaxing, have you wondered where the day went to? We as women try to squeeze in everything into one moment, one hour, and one day. There could never possibly be enough time to get done what needs to get done. And what about help? Well, most of us either do not have any, or not enough. Yes, we are the queens of multi-tasking! What an accomplishment! Ok, let’s fast forward our lives. Our husbands are either happy or remarried, or dating a much younger woman. Our children are off to college, or dating someone we don’t approve of. And we are sitting there drinking our coffee wondering where all the years went to.

Do you still have the same dream you had when you were in school? Did you ever finish your education? Did your career take you where you thought it would? Do you have a career? Have you been fair to yourself regarding your wants and dreams throughout the years? Let’s re-access where you want to be and what you want to be doing.

First and foremost, remember your dream. Think back to your high school days and what it was that you wanted to become. If you forgot your dream, that’s ok, you can still think about what you want to become. It’s never too late.

Now that you have your dream, focus on getting there. Here are some important questions to help guide you.

Do I have enough education to do what I want to do?
Is what I want to do going to earn me enough money?
Is what I want to do marketable?
Do your homework; is it a growing field, or a new career?
Are you going to enjoy doing this everyday?
Finally, do you have enough time to devote to doing what it takes to get you there?
One last thought, have you ever thought about turning your hobby into your career? If not, you might want to think about it. Many successful people have done it, and it doesn’t feel like work to them.

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