“It is neither wealth nor splendour, but tranquillity and occupation which gives you happiness.”, said Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States of America.

‘Tranquillity’, is it just a word, or an expression or an unachievable state of human being? The questions are many. People believe that it is very easy to gain tranquillity and thus claim to be tranquil. Many say it is impossible to achieve tranquillity in this present scenario where life is a chaos and time is little. Everything and everybody is in a hurry to achieve something or to get to something. That something is a paved path for success, for which they believe staying serene won’t help, they have to keep moving in speed. But they tend to forget that even in a tranquil state, the water of the sea and river moves along with equally calm wind. It is not necessary that in order to have a happy and successful life one has to always be active and keep moving. A calm and composed exposure and behaviour towards the external world is what actually paves way for success.

Stay serene while you decide

The most difficult thing in life is making decisions for oneself and others. In order to do this in the most righteous way, one must be in a state of tranquillity to ensure nothing goes wrong. A restful mind is always capable of making the right decisions as it has the power to dig deeper to the roots before making the correct choice. Thus it can never go wrong. A mind which is restless and is always in a hurry, will definitely go wrong while making tough decisions.

Take your time

Never hurry to complete any work. Go slow. With this you will always do the right thing and with perfection. Sit and think before you reach your final judgement. Plan your work out peacefully in a quiet place. Once you are sure about it, start it off.

Never react to negative things

One great method of staying at peace is to not react to things that are pessimistic in nature. If you feel you are being bothered by negative entities, then the best possible way is to not react to it. If you feel still you are being bothered, then either get away with composure or divert your mind through reading, writing or music.

Think before you leap

There are examples of geniuses failing to impress or going down with their work only because they don’t think twice before taking their leaps. To achieve success you should always know that an unruffled mind does more logical thinking than a ruffled one. If you carry yourself with poise, you will surely take the lead ahead.

Your face is the true reflection of your soul

It is rightly said that what you have hidden in your heart is visible on your face. It is the same with anxiety and tranquillity. If you are anxious or nervous while conducting yourself before someone, it is clearly evident from your face. But if you are calm and confident, you will naturally be composed and have a smile rather than having quirked up eyebrows and regular sweats. Staying tranquil always helps in establishing a strong first impression.

Happiness and tranquillity are best friends

If you are still and not in a state of apprehension, then you are most likely to be the happiest of all. It is so because you are not talking yourself for granted. You are handling things with equanimity that is causing you trouble and peacefully enjoying life. And as known, a happy person shines bright and is always successful.

So, with the tranquillity in you conquer the world. Let your calmness speak for you. Let the chaos around not be able to pull you down. Be your own piece of wind that provides relief.

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My name is Rupsha Bose. I am a M.A mass communication student from BHU. Love writing, painting, photography, dancing, reading and painting. Vintage and stamp collector. Specialization in tv and film production. Travel enthusiast and has great interest in history, literature and geography