Yes, it's almost New Year's, but are you ready? Is this going to be the year you achieve your New Year's resolution? Well, if this is the year, then as a personal trainer of over 15 years, I'm going to give you some advice to help you out.

First things first, outline your goals. It is very important to have clear, specific, goals that you are looking to attain. Make sure you list short-term, mid-range, and long-term goals. These are the things that will keep you striving and pushing as you move along in your program.

Next, write out your diet program. Make sure you include how many calories you will be taking in, as well as the protein and carbohydrate intake. I also recommend keeping a food journal where you list all the foods and drinks that you have each day. That way you can be certain of what your intake is.

Structure your fitness plan, how many days a week are you going to do cardio, how many days a week are you going to weight training. Make sure you outline exactly what you plan to do as far as your fitness goes. If a personal trainer could help, check out

Finally, motivation. I'm a big fan of motivation and writing down what motivates you. Reason being, there are going to be times where you don't feel like doing your workouts. There are going to be times where you don't feel like dieting. By writing down what motivates you you can look at that motivational page and it will propel you forward.

I wish you all the greatest of health and happiness in the year 2018. Let's make it a great one.

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Eric Leader is the Owner of Every Body's Personal Trainer