Mind Calm
Mind calm is the process of bringing your mind to a place of complete calm and stillness and can have enormous health benefits for you. When the mind is calm and free from the constant chatter and noise of the day we move into a place of peace and perfect ease, a place where self-healing can begin at every level of your being. This is particularly beneficial at night, before sleep.

Too often we go to bed and lie awake for hours processing our day, what someone said, what we read on the internet, what we saw on the tv, what we didn’t have time to do today, what we need to do tomorrow, etc. This can lead to you becoming stressed and harried as you lay wide awake being bombarded by thought after thought when you should be enjoying the bliss of letting go completely and relaxing.

Mind calm can be difficult to achieve at night, even reading a book before bed requires you to absorb new information, which has the effect of stimulating the mind rather than calming it, even though we consider reading a relaxing, calming activity. If you get into the regular practise of mind calm before bed you will see amazing changes in the quality of your sleep, your thoughts and your health.

To achieve true mind calm it is necessary to have no stimuli present, not even music. Here is a basic method for you to try;
-Sit comfortably, ensuring your spine and head are supported
-Close your eyes and allow your breathing to settle to its own steady rhythm
-State your intention to be calm
-Allow yourself to relax and come to place of stillness, any thoughts that come to your mind, let them pass by, don’t give them your energy, just let them go.
-Begin to focus on the brief pause between thoughts-here is calm, here is mind calm.
-The more you notice and focus on the pause, the longer the pause will become and the stronger it will be.
-Stay focused on the pauses for as long as is comfortable for you.

Mind calm is a blissful state, although it requires some practise it is well worth it. At first it may only last seconds but as you practise it will become longer.

New ideas and inspiration, creative solutions and clarity can come to you when you practise mind calm, when there is space free from clutter and chatter for such thoughts to grow and be cultivated. You may find that if you practise mind calm at night, before going to sleep that firstly, you will sleep so much better and secondly, many new ideas and solutions will simply be present in your mind when you awake.

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