"When it comes to work-life balance, you have your work and you have your life but the trick is to find happiness while balancing both." Dr. Villaire

The key to being successful at that balance is not in having more free time.

The key is to spend the time you have in what matters the most.

So what matters to you? Find out what your values are, prioritize your life around them as much as possible, and start acting from them in less than 30 days! This way you'll get to make more time for what really matters and start feeling that sense of inner peace again.

Step 1 for work-life balance is to identify your values. An exercise I recommend comes from Hyrum Smith's book The 10 Natural Laws of Successful Time and Life Management.

Imagine being inside a wolf den.

Now imagine you're on one side of the den, and wolves are surrounding you. These wolves are just resting, but notice you.

Now imagine a magical table on the other side of the den.
This table can make things magically appear,
Now imagine that a $100 bill magically appears on the table.

Would you go for the money? Or would you stay put?

Now what if it was a million dollars? Would you go for the million? How about a billion?

If you choose to go for the money, then having money is one of your values.

Now what if, instead of a million dollars (which can easily help with your work-life balance), what if I put your mother there? Or your son or daughter? Would you risk the wolves to save them?

If the answer is yes! then your family is an important value to you.

What if it was your boss? Would you risk the wolves to save him/her? Heh, I wonder if you're not feeling too humanitarian on that one! =P

Step 2 is to run through that exercise for at least an hour and run through a lot of things you'd value. I recommend getting a separate journal or notebook and writing your decisions down. I personally did it for 5 hours and have genuinely benefited from doing it that long.

Next to all your values, you want to put a number from 1 to 10 where

10 means very important
1 means not important

and you want to number all your values and find the ones that matter the most to you.

This will guarantee that you successfully have your own work-life balance.

I recommend getting a daily planner. I use one everyday for my own work-life balance, and again I highly recommend getting one.

Once you've identified your values, you want to find your yearly, monthly, and daily priorities and write them down in it.

For example, if you gave financial freedom a 10 on your value system, then you'd want to write that value down in your planner followed with:

- yearly priority = build a passive income business
- monthly priority = work on my business 6 days a week
- daily priority = work on my business for one hour

Another example would be if you value family, then your priority would be to:

- yearly priority = have more free time for the family
- monthly priority = spend one day a week with the family
- daily priority = spend an hour with the family

This brings out the power of a priorities list vs a 'things to do' list. A priorities list has your genuine feelings in mind. If you truly value what you value, then acting out of your values is fun and makes you feel complete.

A 'things to do' list focuses more on what needs to be done, rather than on what you genuinely want to get done (which often fails at getting people to do anything!)

You see, it's about getting what's genuinely important to you done. It's about finding what you want accomplished deep down, and making the time to see it through.

Thanks for reading and may you find your own work-life balance that will bring true happiness and inner-peace!

Dan with SelfImprovedMe

Author's Bio: 

Dan is the founder of SelfImprovedMe.com. He is a Certified NLP practitioner who has worked as a financial educator, dating coach and personal trainer for more than two years.

He enjoys martial arts, learning languages and reading.

He currently lives in Seoul where he teaches Self-Improvement and financial education.