Aceleron was formed with a mission to accelerate the global shift to cleaner energy usage by creating storage technology that is more accessible to all. The company creates batteries that give people the ability to access and use energy in a cheaper, more effective way because they are easy to repair, reuse, and recycle physically.

We caught up with Amrit Chandan, the Co-founder and CEO of Aceleron, to know more about the company and how it contributes to building sustainable solutions that can minimize the carbon crisis in the world.

Below are the highlights of the interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine:

In what ways has the company contributed to the community? If given a chance, what change would you bring to help other Electronics Vehicle companies?

Aceleron has a strong focus on positive social impact. Directly through the use of our products, we estimate we have now impacted over 150,000 persons around the world. This is just a drop in the ocean of our ambition; so much more will happen.

It would be great if other EV companies could adopt the triple bottom line thinking where consideration is given not only to profit, but to society and the environment which would ultimately lead to the creation of a virtuous cycle.

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