If you have just landed a great interview for the job of your dreams, then you will want to make sure that you prepare properly. Of course, you will want to study up on the company and the person interviewing you, but there are other tricks that you may want to use. Here are four ideas on how you can make a great first impression at a job interview.

Tailor Your Answers to Your Interviewer’s Age

As a general rule, different age groups are looking for different key characteristics in the people that they interview. If you will be interviewed by someone under 30, then bring along creative examples of your work. Thirty to 50-year-olds want to know that you can balance life and work. Fifty to 70-year-olds want to know that you are dependable and respectful.

Mirror Interviewer’s Body Language

Mirroring the interviewer’s body language can make it appear that you are in perfect synchronization with them. The interviewer’s brain will play tricks on him making him like you even more. While psychologists call this the chameleon effect, what it means is that the interviewer is more likely to see you as someone they can trust. The result is that you are likely to hear the words, “You are hired.”

Warm up with a Power Pose

While it may not be a good idea to stand with your feet spread apart and your arms lifted high above your head during an interview, people who strike a power pose shortly before the interview are more likely to ace it. In fact, a joint study from Columbia University and New York University found that people who struck a power pose regularly often exhibited more self-confidence. Alternatively, those who sat in a crouched down position were more likely to feel timid and afraid. Since job hunting can be nerve wrecking, you may want to practice your power pose often.

Present a Positive Self Image

While you may definitely want to have your teeth whitened before you go to a job interview, some experts suggest that the color that you wear to the interview can make a difference in how you are perceived. Wearing blue can be an indication that you are a great team player. Alternatively, wearing brown makes you seem dependable while wearing white is a sign that you are an organized person. Wearing gray is an indication that you are analytical. Regardless of the color that you choose, make sure it is clean and well pressed.

There are many psychological tricks that you can use during an interview. Use these plus your own ingenuity allowing you to land your dream position.

Author's Bio: 

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.