Acne is one of the most disliked skin conditions that effects people living all over the world. Acne is characterized by the presence of whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, rashes, scaly skin and scarring. The pharmaceutical industry today boasts of a plethora of anti-acne products that can be used for effective treatment. One such product is Accutane, which belongs to the isotretinoin family. Accutane or isotretinoin, which is a retinoid (form of Vitamin A) has been largely criticized for producing birth related defects. Sold as a drug to treat acne this was an over the counter medication before 2009 after which its production ceased. Used primarily to get relieve from acne, this drug was particularly prescribed among people who failed to achieve any success with the other known methods.

Manufactured by Hoffman La Roche, Accutane’s production may have stopped, but its generic counterparts still enjoy a continued sale, as people do buy from most major stores. The mode of action that Accutane drug follows is ceasing oil secretion from the glands, which is considered to be the primary reason behind acne. Accutane is prescribed to be continued for duration of four to five months. This is particularly to stop the recurrence of this problem and to cure the same from the root.

Accutane sale stopped for many reasons, primarily for many side effects that the drug resulted in. The complications were more severe in expecting women and nursing mothers. Accutane has been reported as causing birth defects Also, people who had history of heart ailments and mental disorders were prescribed to check thoroughly before administering the same. Accutane has shown many drug interactions, some of which have been noted as causing serious health problems.

Accutane has been reported to effect the normal growth as it stops the growth of long bone, especially in teenagers. Accutane has also been shown to cause bowel disease, depresseion and act as a teratogen.

People administering Accutane were asked to follow special precautions in order to minimize the side effects this drug can cause. Especially women on Accutane were advised to stay away from any beauty treatment, which could worsen the condition rather than doing any good. Also, exposure to UV rays was a major step in the not-to-do-list when on Accutane intake. Extra dose, overdose and missed doses were few more precautions a person needs to follow while taking Accutane.

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