Accsoon’s new PowerCage II and PowerCage Pro II allow you to turn your iPad into a high spec HDMI monitor.

The new PowerCage II and PowerCage Pro II for iPad and iPad Pro build on the success of the original versions and transform iPads into pro-grade on-set monitors.

The major difference between the new PowerCage II/ PowerCage Pro II and the original PowerCage previous cages is the addition of an integrated mounting solution for the optional Accsoon SeeMo HDMI interface for iOS. If you are not familiar with the Acssoon SeeMo, I have previously reviewed it on the site before.

When clipped to the in-built tilting desk stand of the cage, the SeeMo lets you use your iPad as an HDMI production monitor with the added ability to record HD video for instant review or rapid editing and sharing. The SeeMo is connected via a dedicated USB cable and newer USB-C equipped iPads can also be trickle-charged from the SeeMo while in use. Once set up with a SeeMo, the iPad offers a comprehensive range of monitoring tools such as waveform, vectorscope, audio level meters, false color, and more.

The PowerCage II and PowerCage II Pro can deliver up to 20W USB-PD power to an iPad directly from an NP-F-type battery. The Accsoon ACC04 NP-F battery plate is included with both PowerCage II models and simply clips on using the same mounting points as the SeeMo. Once connected via included USB-C or Lightning cables it can power and charge a connected iPad. (Please note that this cannot be used with the iPad at the same time as a SeeMo unit). The ACC04 has a battery level indicator and protection circuit in-built.

When you are not using the Accsoon ACC04 NP-F battery plate with the a PowerCage II you can attach an NP-F battery to provide power to other devices via USB-A, USB-C, USB-C PD or DC barrel connector. An appropriate cable can then be used to charge or power lights, cameras, phones, wireless audio receivers, and other equipment. The ACC-04 has a solid all-metal construction and can easily be attached to camera cages, monitors, and other accessories via an included 1/4” 20 screw mount.

The PowerCage II and PowerCage Pro II are made out of lightweight aviation-grade aluminum alloy. There are also an increased number of 1/4” 20 threads with which the iPad can be mounted to a stand, arm, or camera. These can also be used to add accessories such as handles, wireless focus controllers, NATO rails, etc. Another new feature is a small slot allowing a 2mm hex key to be stowed within the cage itself.

The PowerCage II and PowerCage II Pro also have dual cold shoes for mounting audio accessories and LED lights, which helps if you are using an iPad camera for multimedia production. The designs of the PowerCage II and PowerCage II Pro have also been re-engineered for unimpeded access to power and volume buttons. A clever new cable management hook is also in-built into the cage. The PowerCages can be used on a tabletop in either horizontal or vertical positions as required.

The cages have an improved adjustable sliding frame design that makes each one compatible with several different models of iPad. The PowerCage II is compatible with:

iPad Gen 5 onwards
iPad Air Gen 3 onwards
iPad Pro 9.7 inch, 10.5 inch and 11 inch Gen 1 to 4
The PowerCage II Pro is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 inch Gen 3 to 6.

Price & Availability
The PowerCage II will cost $129 USD and the PowerCage II $139 USD. Both cages will be available from authorized Accsoon dealers this month.

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