There are a variety of Online Doctorate Degrees in Accounting which can help you to develop necessary skills as well as gain knowledge in areas like auditing, taxation and budget analysis. The curriculum covers theoretical aspects of accounting along with an understanding of the necessary techniques which can help you to work in profit as well as non-profit organizations.

Requirements For An Online Doctorate In Accounting

If you are pursuing an Online Doctorate Degree in Accounting, the prerequisites are a master’s degree from an accredited institution with at least a 3.0 GPA in your studies. You also need to clear an interview and have a good GMAT score. You should also have work experience in related fields like accounting or finance.

Pursuing an Online Accredited Doctorate Degree in Accounting

If you are interested in working as a bookkeeper, financial advisor, tax planner or auditor, you can pursue various levels of Degree Programs in Accounting and then consider an Accounting Doctorate Degree. The doctorate degree or a PhD in Accounting is considered to be the highest degree in this field and after completing this degree, you can have a high-profile career as a corporate CFO or university professor.

You can even choose various areas of specialization in this field so that you can develop a niche career, update your knowledge about various financial laws and corporate finances and pursue a job of your choice with attractive salaries.

Coursework of Online Doctorate Degree in Accounting

The coursework for an accredited Accounting PhD Degree Program covers courses like:

  • Accounting Theory and Policy,
  • Business Statistics,
  • Auditing Methods and Practice,
  • Accounting and Fraud Examination Techniques, and
  • Cost Accounting.

The courses are designed in such a way so as to help you develop decision making and strategic planning skills. These courses also enable you to develop leadership skills and take up such roles in various work settings. You also need to complete a dissertation on a research topic which needs to be defended in front of your classmates and mentors. Apart from this, a short residential colloquia or internship to substantiate your online studies is also required.

f you are interested in pursuing leadership positions in accounting, you need to have a Doctorate in Accounting. Pursue this degree online to gain your educational qualifications without discontinuing your studies.

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Online PhD Degree in Accounting

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