You are the creator of your reality. This is your birthright. You have always been able to manifest with your thoughts and your words. Now you have reached the place where you are able to do this consciously. Once you realize this beautiful gift you were born with and begin to use it to its fullest advantage, you have to then take responsibility for the things you create. This is the basis of accountability.
Humans have the unique ability to observe our circumstances from every angle and make decisions or rationalize based on what we see. Unfortunately, we often forget to do this and get so caught up the in drama that we become focused on a single facet of life and lose sight of any other possibilities. This shrinks our perspective and turns three dimensional reality into a flat two dimensional picture. Our power to change and create becomes lost in the landscape.

Objectivity is a gift. We may be the only species on this planet which has this ability to observe and then reason based on our observation. I say we may be the only species with this gift, because I believe it is possible that the cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have it as well, but since we are unable to communicate with them, we can’t know this for sure.

In order to be good stewards of our birthright, then, it is important to utilize it! Take every opportunity to hone your skills of observation and witnessing. As we release judgment, it becomes easier to see that everything and everyone just “is”, and it follows that we can then look at every situation we encounter more objectively, from every angle. In fact, as we move into higher consciousness, it is imperative that we release all judgment. Only then can we begin the process of rectifying the mistakes we have made and correcting the effects they have caused.

Like a photographer, take a step back and allow your viewfinder to include more information. When you do this, a beautiful thing happens—possibilities and potentials begin to appear. Ideas which might never have occurred before light up before your eyes. Pandora’s Box of creativity unlocks and opens for you, and you have CHOICES you can make!

Every facet of life shines light on a choice, an opportunity to exercise your free will. After all, that is why we chose to incarnate on this planet this time—to learn lessons involving free will. Don’t waste another minute with would, should and could. Practice using this wonderful tool. Use every encounter to look at every possible aspect and every potential choice. Choose wisely! Your destiny depends on you taking responsibility for creating it and making it happen.

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Jean Adrienne is the developer of InnerSpeak, a powerful tool to help you to let go of the past and the blocks you have created that hold you back from manifesting everything you desire. Her website is