Putting it simply- Net zero energy homes are just like any home- only better! Design-wise, they are regular grid air-tight homes with proper insulation and energy efficiency. They are carbon-free, and the energy efficiency is at par with the renewable energy consumed over a year’s span.

Many mistaken believe them to be Green Homes or homes with quality solar panels. But this is not true!

A Net Zero Energy Home merges advanced designs quality building systems with energy efficiency and solar panels to bring about a better home. Adding to it- these homes are also ultra-comfortable, quiet, sustainable and healthy to reside in.

Ways To Achieve A Net Zero Energy Home.

Considering that buildings alone contribute to about 40% of the entire energy used, such homes are very popular amongst the Australian inhabitants. Being the cornerstones of reduced carbon living spaces, these homes give owners a rare opportunity to regulate the home’s energy resulting from every flip of a power switch each day!

For those who are looking to accomplish a Net Zero Energy Home, here are some surefire ways to pull it off. However, what’s also important is to have a notable energy efficient home builder in Melbourne to ensure every stage of reconstruction is carried out perfectly.

Fitting Insulated Wall Systems.

Most traditional home designs consist of insulated wall systems inside. Each of these walls is prepared for porous materials and are very rarely airtight. But for homes striving for more energy efficiency; one ought to go for thicker external and internal walls which are integrated seamlessly. Majority of the walls come with an NT-R rating (which is the standard measure of the energy efficiency).

As a quality option; one should opt for home walls having Net R-ratings as high as 56. This will bring about a significant difference to the heat and cost efficiency.

Adding Heat-Retaining Windows.

In opposed to the traditional double panel windows; one should think of hiring a specialist to fit in triple panel windows. This will present more energy efficiency. One can also opt for premium quality uPVC European glazed windows from notable eco-home construction agencies with the help of these professionals.

Incorporating Insulated Concrete Form Foundations.

Another crucial aspect of creating net zero energy homes is adding insulated concrete form foundations (ICF). They already come with insulation integrated within them and offers additional strength.

ICF foundations come packed with superior thermal efficiency and using it on homes can result in an R-40 energy efficiency rating.

And Including High-Efficient Heating And Cooling Systems.

One of the major aspects of a Net Zero Energy home is they need to be solaceful without sacrificing any bit of efficiency and livability. One should consult with an expert specialising in quality allergy free homes in Melbourne about installing ultra-heating systems.

Some examples include- electric baseboard heating, air-sourced heat pumps geothermal heating and other units with energy ratings as high as 400%.

Capping Off:

A quality eco home builder in Melbourne will know what changes are necessary to transform a normal home into a Net Zero Energy Efficient one. So find a trustworthy one and start planning the project together.

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The author is a notable eco home builder in Melbourne for years. With that, the author is also a writer who educates the readers about the importance of a quality and experienced energy efficient home builder in Melbourne to accomplish tough energy efficient home constructions and re-constructions.