As a mom, you have a lot on your plate every single day. In addition to taking care of the kids, you have a house to manage, errands to run, and budgets to manage among other things. Getting a dog might seem like just more work for your already cramped lifestyle, but you might be surprised at how many benefits a dog in the family can provide you. Here are five that shouldn’t be overlooked:

Staying Active

A dog requires walks and other forms of exercise which is sure to keep you active and provide you with plant of “accidental exercise” throughout the day to help keep you in shape without even having to think about it. Your dog will keep the kids active and provide them with an energy outlet both inside and out.

Relieving Stress

Studies show that animals, such as dogs and cats, can actually relieve your stress and tension simply by interacting with them. Dogs also offer a sense of social support and are always loyal no matter what kind of mood you happen to be in while spending time together.

Setting Examples

Taking care of a dog helps to set a good example for your children, giving them the skills they need to respect and treat animals with constant care and love. Walking, washing, feeding, and brushing the dog are all tasks that you can share as a family, and which are sure to teach the kids some responsibility.

Offering Companionship

With a dog around, you will certainly never get lonely or yearn for companionship when the kids are at school during the day. You will always have an outlet for mulling over your worries, and you’ll find that running errands together is a lot more fun than doing it alone. Be sure to give back to your dog by buying them treats or toys they might enjoy. To help with any financial burdens or worries of costs on dog supplies, search online for pet store coupons, like discount codes.

Bonding on the Couch

When you aren’t feeling well or you just want to relax and unwind on the couch for a while, you can count on your dog as a constant companion to keep you warm and comfortable until you’re ready to get back on your feet again. Hanging together on the couch or in the yard offers the perfect opportunity to build a strong bond. But beware, you may end up having to share your pillow or offer yourself up as one.

Adopting a dog from your local humane society is a great way to support the war on homeless animals and give an unlucky dog a new lease on life. Bringing in one of these pooches can be helpful in your quest to helping you with your stressful and busy lifestyle.

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