In order to move into the “Now Moment” we must understand two things. The first thing is that we are not our minds. We are a spirit being created by God with a soul and a body. The mind is a tool to solve the situations that come up in this world. We tend to identify ourselves with our past. When we are thinking about the past or the future we are not honoring the Now Moment. If we attach fear to these thoughts we are projecting fear into our future. The only place we have access to God is in the now. That is evident by his name “I am that I am”. When we pray, we are in the now. God said Faith is now. When we are in “Faith Now” it is impossible to be in fear therefore we cannot project fear into our future proving ourselves right. All of Job’s fears proved himself right. The battle is with our mind. We need to take control of our thoughts and not let our thoughts take control of us.

Secondly, we, the spirit man, are not subject to time, but have the ability to transcend time. We were created in God’s image and before God created the beginning, there was no time. God lives in a place where there is no time. He is everywhere all at once. He is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. Time is an illusion. We have heard it said that “time is precious, that it has great value and should not be wasted”. This is not quite accurate, what we really should say is “This Now Moment is the only time I have and I choose to be totally present”. In the Now! That statement is more accurate. The string of now moments is a very precious gift from God yet we miss the moment projecting ourselves into some hope of future Glory or fear of future defeat. We were taught by God to embrace the journey not the destiny. That in essence means being in the “Now” always through the up and down circumstances. In the “Now”, in relationship with “I Am”, you have nothing to fear and you know exactly who and whose you are. Remember life is Now and fellowship with God is Now. You are one with him and all things are in communion with all things through him now. No other time but this instant and fullness of you that you pour into at this very moment.

To find this Now place of peace, love and joy, we must learn to meditate, get quiet and clear the mind. When we are quiet we can hear from God. It’s hard to hear the voice of the Lord when we have all that clutter in our heads. Taking deep breathes during this time will relax you and get you into that peaceful state of mind. Now you are in fellowship with God and in the “Now Moment”. Once we learn to live in this throughout our day we are in constant communication with God and we are living from moment to moment in peace, love and joy.

A sign you have left the Now moment is if you feel fear, stress or heavy burden. These triggers tell you that you are missing the mark and you need to put yourself back into the now. If this happens the best thing to do is to get quiet, breathe deep in through your nose and out through your mouth until you re-establish your relationship with God and you step back into peace. You may find yourself having to do this many times throughout the day in the beginning because our minds want to stay in control, but we can control our minds. We, as the spirit man can control our emotions and we can choose what label we attach to the circumstance. Be the victorious spirit man you were created to be and not a victim to your thoughts. The mind is a battlefield, but we can have the victory!

Author's Bio: 

Nick Castellano was trained at Virginia Poly Technical Institute State University and the United States Navy Nuclear Power Program. He spent 10 years participating and training in the nuclear power program of the US Navy and was decorated as “Sailor of the Year” in 1989. Nick was a nuclear instructor in the Navy for 4 years and graduated first in his class completing over 26 specialty schools. While on tour, Nick was the Leading Chief of the Reactor Laboratory Division of the Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN69) and was responsible for all chemistries in both reactor plants.

Nick has worked in the industrial water industry and the oil industry developing cutting edge chemistry and patented processes all over the world. He has owned one of the top industrial water treatment companies in the southwest caring for companies such as Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, United Diary and APS power plants. He currently owns several businesses ranging from real estate investing to down hole oil well chemistry.

Maximizing Earth’s Original Resources is an international oil enhancement and environmentally friendly (Green) chemical company working with oil wells in China, Russia and the Middle East and throughout the US and Canada. ( Nick is well known in both industries for his expert chemical and application knowledge as well as problem solving capabilities. He currently manages over $15 million in residential and commercial properties.

He is presently the director of the Business Mentorship International. This program started in 2001 at Living Word Bible Church. Nick and his board were recently released as a ministry expanding beyond the church walls to the marketplace to “seed” this program in churches around the Globe. This program was designed to empower businesses and individuals to release their power, focus their vision and embrace their destiny of success and wealth. Nick and his board of directors have developed a program that brings practical business training by world renowned business speakers and entrepreneurs such as Robert Kyiosaki, Les Brown, Larry Winget and John Maxwell to name a few.