Access Control Systems are a set of devices that interact with each other in order to restrict or allow access to specific areas and resources in certain areas based on information from a database that allows user identification, registration, and audit access events, as well as additional security and functionality features.

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The objective of access control is to grant entry to a building, office, or warehouse to those people who are authorized to do so. The lock and key have been the most widespread and simplest combination of access control. However, today’s companies are demanding more modern access control standards that give them a better level of accuracy than just keys.

It is true that companies still have to control who walks through their doors. But they also want to be able to manage permissions. That is, being able to decide who can (and who can’t) skip. Include settings, physical keys have forwarded the message to electronic access control. These systems are able to provide access to authorized users in a simple manner. At the same time, they prevent unauthorized persons from entering.

Instead of transporting the keys from one place to another, most companies use to access or ID cards (a typical card with a photo and name of the user) to access reserved areas. Workspaces, files containing confidential information, or doors can use access control systems. In large buildings, the exit is the responsibility of the building. The entrance to the interior doors is controlled by the rental company.

Access control systems are used to monitor who passes into a building, facility, or restricted areas of an office. The operation is usually very simple. Users (workers, bosses, suppliers, and visitors) are assigned different types of groups or access levels.

For example, these four groups of users will be able to use their card or app to open the main door of the building. However, only workers and managers will be allowed to enter the office area. Furthermore, only IT department workers will be able to access the server room.

Investing in installation quality access control solutions will take your property security to a new level. Which will increase your safety and comfort.

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