Life's journey is not one to be embarked upon with a superficial idea of ease; there are many obstacles that one may face. The impact of these circumstances have diverse effects on people, such as depression, anxiety and unease, depending on their situations and surroundings. 

However, with the right approach and mindset, people battle through the clouds of depressive episodes catering to their mental well-being. They align with different ideas to make sense of their bodily functions and the toll it takes on their mental health. Mentor and artist Brittany O’Connor has a clear vision of not letting the shortcomings define her life, with one mantra, “Fight for yourself, fight for your life.” 

The exceptional and inspiring artist has fought for her way throughout life; for her beliefs, health, and above all else, herself. As a result, she was extensively exposed to depression and anxiety. Brittany has struggled with depression and anxiety and believes managing these conditions requires ongoing effort and self-awareness. While it can be a challenging condition to treat, many people find relief with proper treatment and support. Furthermore, one needs to learn their triggers and harbor compassion for themselves by providing room for growth. 

She highlights a feasible and effective method of dealing with anxiety and tackling the turbulence that one may experience through self-expression. When you focus on yourself and enjoy what you are doing, you feel at ease; this helps creatively channel the energy. Brittany has found solace and comfort in dance and intricate bodily movements. 

Dancing has proven to be a great way to calm nerves as it helps you let loose and express your freedom over your body. It enables one to express themselves through an artistic process that sometimes is impossible through verbal communication. It further releases hormones like dopamine which helps in uplifting one’s moods. Research has shown that dancing, even for only 25 minutes, reduces symptoms of depression by 47%. 

For Brittany, the elixir to get through the dark is following her passion for dancing. However, it can vary from person to person. The important point that she highlights is no matter what one does, one should always cherish the little efforts and allow themselves to be happy about them, as these small steps lead to colossal results.


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