Acceptance is sometimes looked at negatively. In the past if someone told me “you should accept it” or “just accept it” I’d feel low & defeated. A negative mindset or an egoistic mind would take such a powerfully freeing word and turn it into a death sentence. Like surrender could mean- defeat/retreat or forgiveness- weak/unjustified, to some. But, my friend, if you haven’t quiet grasped those terms; each word has the key to true happiness.

I am a crier. Well I was more so in my younger years, a real crybaby. My mom would say, “Don’t cry, I hate it when you cry”. She’d say it not cause she didn‘t care it just that she cared too much. It hurt her to see me hurt. But it never made me stop. In fact it’s why I think it why it dragged into my older years. I remember once I “snapped” at my mom. I said I will cry if I want too! (its my birthday lol) If those words didn’t help then what makes you think its not contributing to it.

-Most of us are taught very young to reject our emotions. That there bad. That if what you feel doesn’t make sense YOU shouldn’t feel them. Funny thing about when some says you “SHOULD” it doesn’t take the feeling away. -
I know that, accepting myself, helped with the resistance. I accepted my tears and left the thought that I shouldn’t, that’s its not okay and just not care whatever someone may think. I embraced it and I now don’t cry as much or it don’t as long. I also move on QUICKER & never carry the same pain with me.

In EFT also know as tapping the affirmation, “Even though I have this feeling I deeply and completely love, forgive and accept myself.” is commonly used. Aside from the power technique of tapping (on acupuncture points) it is the affirmation that which I believe has incredible power. It assists with removing the energy of resistance. Which if you haven’t learned already, “What you resist shall persist”.

“Accept everything about yourself—I mean everything. You are you and that is the beginning and the end—no apologies, no regrets.” – Henry Kissinger

Okay, Saba, So now I have to accept everything? How am I going to change? How can I accept the way I am expect anything different?

I am guessing that’s what your probably thinking but here’s the rub. Rejecting your emotions, feelings & or anything about yourself shoves them into your unconscious. It’s like sweeping things under the rug until someone else finds it and exposes. Or you will meet someone who carries the unconscious qualities that will most likely annoy the crap out of you and not even realize your “just like them”. Does that make sense?

If not it will one day.

NOW GO ACCEPT then go make changes that will ingrain in you quicker and instill positive changes longer.

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Saba Teklegiorgis is a Best Selling Author, Blogger, Columnist, and PNP (Passion & Purpose) Life Coach. She is the Founder of an amazing self help blog.