What is ACCA and What Benefits Can I Get from It?

Are you preparing for ACCA? Or have you written ACCA and failed it? You have absolutely nothing to be worried about. This article will give you all the right information you need to succeed at ACCA, and it is 100% guaranteed to work for everyone every time.

The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a World Reference Body for professional accountants. It works with international organizations, with IFAC, and with more than 80 global accounting associations. It has more than 178,000 members, students from 181 countries and 95 offices around the world.

It is also an international degree that proves that you are an expert in Accounting. ACCA offers complete professional training in Accounting Management, Auditing, Financial Accounting, Government and Risk.

The ACCA qualification and certification are not exclusively for those who have studied the branch of Social Sciences, but it is open to all interested people regardless of their origin.

Depending on your country of origin, minimum requirements are required, as well as knowledge of mathematics and/or English.

To become an ACCA member, three requirements must be met:

• Approve the ACCA Ethics module.
• Have three years of Accounting Experience or functions related to Finance.
• Pass a series of exams.

Once you sign up for ACCA, there is a 10-year limit to meet all the requirements. There are 4 annual calls in which you can organize as best you have.

Let's talk about exams now. Depending on the career you have studied and the origin, you can achieve exemptions from certain exams. We encourage you to take a look.

The exams are divided into two groups, the basic and professional exams.


In many countries, we don't have much training offer yet. Many students choose to be self-taught. Being an international degree, most of the documentation will be found in English.

On the main ACCA website, you can find a lot of information on how to prepare for the exams. I also advise following the official ACCA YouTube channel.

There are students who prefer to have other entities that offer them extra support, for example, the London School of Business & Finance has specific ACCA courses, as well as a very complete YouTube channel on the degree.
Highlight that there is a Student Blog, where they tell their experiences and give advice on the degree.

ACCA offers online courses on its ACCA-X platform. These courses are very good to know ACCA and as a pre-test step. Do not hesitate to see the frequently asked questions about ACCA.


It offers great benefits that you can see by clicking on this link. Among them, this degree opens the door to great job opportunities in your career and personal development, since you will opt to have an international Curriculum Vitae, which gives you greater mobility and access to a qualified position.

Being a member of the ACCA makes it easier for you to obtain other degrees, such as:

• Get an applied accounting degree from Oxford Brookes University. The main requirements to obtain the BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting are when you enroll as a student, have chosen to do it and have an adequate English qualification before taking the F7, F8, and F9 exams.

• Obtain a Master of Accounting (MSc in Professional Accountancy) from the University of London. Depending on what situation you are in ACCA, they will ask you more or fewer requirements. Obtain the exemption of the first part of the CIA (Certified Internal Auditor). We will develop this degree in-depth in future entries.

CONCLUSION - Pass ACCA 100% Guaranteed Solution the ACCA certification gives solid training at an international level to the external auditors and the candidates to be them, facilitating a clear distinction from the other professionals.

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