New discovery acai berry information for anti-oxidant and healthy diet for amazing weight loss.Over the last 10 years or so the Acai berry has been called everything from a miracle fruit to a complete scam. The truth of the matter lies somewhere in the middle of these two points of view.

While this berry is not exactly a miracle fruit it does have many great qualities and benefits and while there are unscrupulous people who have tried to scam consumers by using this berry to try and make their false claims ring true the berry it's self is not to blame for people's actions. So, here is some information about this amazing little berry that will help you to determine what is true and what is pure hype.

Acai Berry Information-It's Origin And History:

This berry grows on the Acai palm tree in the Amazon rain forest. It is purplish red in color and has a tropical fruit taste. 90% of the berry is seed with the other ten percent being made up of the skin and flesh of the berry. For centuries the natives of the Amazon rainforest have used this berry both as a form of sustenance and as a tropical treatment to help fight swelling and inflammation.

When this berry was first "discovered" for use by Americans it was heralded as a miracle fruit that could do everything from helping you to lose weight to curing most of the ills of mankind.

These claims were made by companies wanting to cash in on a fruit that was unfamiliar to the general public and they did so making outlandish claims and asking high prices for products containing the juice of these berries.

In the end, this disappointed many people who tried these products and found that this juice did not perform as promised. This made them feel that these berries had no benefits what so ever which is far from the truth.

Acai Berry Information:

The real truth about the Acai berry is that it is a fruit and like all edible fruits it is loaded with numerous vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to maintain good health. The one thing that makes this berry somewhat special is that it provides a high level of anti-oxidants more than most other fruits which indeed makes it healthy and something you may want to consider as part of a healthy diet and anti-oxidants help to strengthen the immune system, protect the heart, and fight cancer.

Because these berries cannot be transported whole due to spoilage they either need to be frozen, or made into juice or oil immediately which makes these berries somewhat expensive. However, those wanting to get some of the health benefits of these berries can purchase a variety of juices that include some juice of this berry thus lowering cost.

So while this berry is extremely healthy for you, it is not a miracle food and can be consumed with other fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy diet.

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