Remember, your first day in college? It feels that you are about to start a new chapter in your life. You are excited, nervous, happy, missing home, lost school friends, waiting to make new friends, higher studies, new books, tough examinations, lectures, no spoon-feeding like school teachers, bigger competition, costly books, expensive tuitions, and so on. Feeling of college is good but it comes with several bitter cookies, the feeling is tough to explain.

Students face few common and tough problems during such transitions. The problems and their solutions are mentioned below:

#Adjusting to a New Life - Online Assignment Help Services
Lectures, study, notes, and preparation for examinations are some of the issues that every student faces during their new venture. Making notes, understanding lessons, questions & their expected answers, books, and preparation seems to be the daunting task that perhaps will have no ending.

Solution: Subscribe to online assignment help services . The academic search engines such as Crazy for Study (CFS), Chegg, Course Hero, Zookal, etc are renowned academic search engines providing academic help and solution to the students at cost-effective prices.

This way, you will be able to adjust to new life easily. Your stress for completing assignments would be taken care of by academic search engines, while you can focus on other aspects of college-life for acquaintances.

#Homesickness - Q&A Services
You study all the time, read one book after another, make study-notes, and do a lot many things to stay in the list of brilliant students. Students have no time to spend with family members or students staying in boarding/hostels, feel homesick during such a period. It is one of the biggest elements of distraction.

Solution: Subscribe to unlimited questions and answers - Q&A services provided by Course Hero, Crazy for Study (CFS), and Chegg. Students have to pay a little amount for subscription find answers to all questions of all subjects easily.

Asking questions or discovering the answers to questions helps you gain knowledge and remember that information for a longer period. You learn quickly and find space to accommodate your family sentiments.

# Pressure of Studies - Textbook Solutions Manual
Scoring better grade or marks are the tremendous pressure that students bear in college life. They have to look for better study notes, quality descriptions, good authors and their books. Study becomes a project due to none availability of resources in one place. Library, books’ stall and internet are the three areas where students keep their heads bang on.

Solutions: Subscribe to the unlimited accessibility package of textbook solutions manual . Crazy for Study (CFS) charges a nominal fee to allow access to unlimited textbooks to the students. Chegg and Course Hero also provide such services at competitive rates.

By adapting to textbook solutions manual at affordable rates, students can reduce their stress to a minimum. Subscribing to the textbook solutions manual is the one-stop solution to find all subject questions and their answers, chapter-wise questions and answers, etc.

Apart from this, students can ask 50 new questions to the subscribed academic search engines, which are not available in the database.

Crazy for Study, Chegg and Course Hero are the top three academic search engines in the educational world. Among them, the author of this write-up prefers Crazy for Study (CFS), as it offers the most inexpensive subscription at $3 to the students. Students get unlimited access to Q&A, Textbook Solutions Manual and may ask 50 new questions at just paying dollar three per month. However, assignment help service may have different pricing according to the project and deadline.

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