One of the key principles in leading a more fulfilling life is to pursue an abundant mindset. Most people live in a scarcity mindset, and they believe that there is not enough for everyone, and because they do not think they have a chance of obtaining their wants and/or desires, they just give up.

We do, in fact, live in a world of abundance. All the things we desire are before us and all around us; it is our choice as to whether to see them and be open to receive them. By changing our mindset, our world becomes a truly different place. You have the power within you.

An Abundance Mindset.

Acknowledging that abundance is all around us unlocks the door to that abundance. You begin to see the world as an abundant place and you stop seeing it as a place of scarcity and lack.

When you, are in an abundant mindset, your energy vibrates at a much higher level than a mindset of scarcity. You then attract people and situations that vibrate at that similar abundant level. You then have the combined energy vibration of abundance and positive energy. Likewise, if you live in a scarcity mindset, you will attract others who are in a similar mindset and you will have the combined scarcity mindset that will attract more and more of the same issues and circumstances.

The Benefits…

An abundant mindset is not something way out there in the future. It is within you now, and you just have to learn or relearn to connect with it.

There are passions to follow, fabulous people to meet, money to be made, places to visit, dreams to fulfill.

All you need to start on your abundant ‘now’ is to take a moment and see the bigger picture. Whatever part of your life you are viewing in a scarcity mindset, zoom out for a while and see the bigger picture. If you are living in a lack of money life and believe that there is not enough to go around, and you have been left out. Take another look at the bigger picture, there are Trillions and Trillions of dollars and pounds in the world, and there is more than enough for everyone to share.

You just need to step into the abundant mindset, and this you can do one step at a time.

1. Unattached to Outcomes

It is essential to learn to be disinterested and unattached to the outcome of your dream or desire. If you put your focus on the outcome being successful e.g.| getting that job, or that guy/girl, it can lead to negative thoughts and feelings. You can spend your time worrying about the interview for the job, are you going to say the right thing, give the right impression etc etc. This is putting negative energy around the thing you want. Of course, it is only natural to feel a little nervous excitement around an interview for a job or a first date, but do not put your focus on the outcome of it. Instead, look forward to the interview, put your energy into planning all of your interviews, learning about the businesses you are going to, get that haircut, plan your wardrobe, and so on. Make the whole experience fun, you will then bring that energy to your interview, and that positive energy will be much better received than the ‘worrying’ negative energy.

2. Have a Go

Get out there and try things. If you have an abundant mindset, you are more likely to get out and have a go at things. It does not matter if you fail or are not the best, what matters is trying and have fun while doing it.

Being willing to fail allows you to get so much more from life, and if you have your goals in mind then you cannot fail to succeed. If there is a setback on your journey to your goal, you get up, dust yourself down and try again.

3. Be Generous

When you are in an abundant mindset you know that there is enough for everyone, so you are comfortable in ‘giving’. Give your time, your knowledge and your money. Pay it forward.

When you look at life through the lens of abundance you can begin to realize the possibilities of your life. Remember…..


Author's Bio: 

Zara has been involved in the spiritual/self development world for over 30 years and is passionate about empowering women and cool men to live their best life possible. She has been an entrepreneur all her adult life and has several successful businesses. She has a real empathy with plus size woman and in 2002 started her clothing company for women size 12+. Zara has her own clothing range and is committed to helping women of all sizes look and feel amazing, she now continues that passion by helping them step into their BRILLIANCE and live a truly abundant life with her Authentic Business Retreats tm programmes and mentoring.

Zara is an NLP Master, trained by the co-developer of NLP, Richard Bandler, Matrix Reimprinting Practioner, trained by the creator of MR, Karl Dawson, EFT Practioner, She is the creator of Authentic Business Bootcamp tm, The Art of Being tm and Divine Tapping tm.