To hear all the Western Cultures diagnosis', "There is no cure for Arthritis." What a dilemma for all those wonderful people who are living in constant pain from the tragic affects of severe arthritis symptoms.

I recall the years my wonderful Grandmother had to suffer from this horrible pain in her hands. She never complained, but I knew she was suffering from the swelling in her fingers and joints. I would sometimes take her precious hands and rub them for her. She would smile and thank me for trying to comfort her during her most painful times.

I would sit alone at times and wander how can there not be a cure for arthritis when we have some of the greatest minds in the world right here in the United States of America. I began to research online how the other cultures around the world dealt with this horrible arthritis curse. To my absolute amazement I soon discovered that arthritis is almost unheard of in other cultures.

I soon discovered, like in Hong Kong, arthritis is almost extinct, due to their eating habits. I was so taken back by this incredible discovery I asked myself, "Why is this not researched here in the United States." I soon came to the agonizing reality that the huge corporations don't want a cure for this horrible disease because of the money they make from the arthritis niche.

There are multiple millions of people in our country that are plagued by this horrible disease. I'm sure if you asked anyone of them if there was a cure for arthritis would they purchase this remedy? You could truthfully answer this question as I would, with an absolute "yes."

Arthritis mostly attacks women in their 50's and above. The most common Arthritis groups is; rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and spinal arthritis.These are the most severe. Of course, their are many other ailments of this disease that people suffer from.

There is a cure for arthritis and I want to get this message out to to all those precious people who are suffering from this agonizing disease, as my Grandmother did. When you read all these wonderful testimonies of people who have gained their lives back in a very short period of time just by taking a few minutes a day making small changes to their diets you are going to be amazed.

For instance, a retired doctor who was exposed to this incredible natural arthritis cure went skiing in Aspen, Colorado after 21 days. Something that he always enjoyed but was never able to do because of the arthritis that held him captive for so many years. This is just one story out of thousands of testimonies you can read about.

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Hello, my name is James Lee and I'm writing this article on behalf of my wonder grandmother who Is gone now, but is very much alive in my heart.She had to suffer most of her life from this dreaded disease, "Arthritis."I'm passing on this great discovery for all the precious people who are suffering as my Grandmother had to do in hopes this cure will bring comfort and relief to each one of you who take action to check out these wonderful testimonies and their success stories. You can overcome Arthritis and live your life in total comfort of this horrible disease.Check out these wonderful success stories here: