Call forth the Light that is you. That is living heaven on earth!
My friend Dorothy died on a Sunday afternoon after a very long and challenging illness. When the call came, I heard the news with such relief. She was finally released from a body that had presented her with major challenges for most of her 62 years. While sad that our many years of crazy adventures were really over, I felt such a lightness in my heart knowing her new-found freedom.

Before going to bed that night, I went into meditation to wish her well for her journey. Although we had what I now recognize was a “farewell” conversation about a month ago, honoring one another for the gifts we had received from each other and the huge respect and love each of us had for the other, I wanted one last goodbye.

As I settled into meditation, Dorothy appeared to me very quickly, standing in an open space. Not far beyond her was the Light—that incredibly brilliant, indescribable golden-violet-white Light of Spirit. She looked at the Light and then at me over and over and kept saying, “Is that really for me? Am I really to go there?” I kept assuring her that the Light was indeed for her and that she should walk into it. And so, slowly, she turned and walked toward the Light.

I have been at the crossing with others before, but never have I experienced it as I did with Dorothy. As she walked toward the Light, I was pulled along with her as if she had taken my hand to go with her—not to cross over with her to the other side, but to accompany her to the threshold. As we got to the Light, it was as if there were two rooms: a room that represented the physical world, and a room that represented the spiritual world—that held the Light. I stood in the doorway to the Light as Dorothy crossed the threshold and dissolved into that golden violet-white brilliance. Never before had I felt so close to that Light. To say that this was the most beautiful, awe-inspiring experience I’ve ever known doesn’t even begin to describe that moment. My heart chakra felt as though it were about to explode. That incredible Light of the Universe/God/Spirit filled my heart and I was radiating Light as never before.

I didn’t sleep at all that night. I basked in the brilliance of the Light and in the vision of Dorothy dissolving into it. I kept playing that moment over and over in my mind. And through the night I relived 30 years of friendship with Dorothy, all of our wonderful adventures, and remembered others we had known together who had crossed over to spirit through the years. It was truly a night of celebration. There was no sadness. While standing at the threshold and watching Dorothy dissolve into the Light, I thought, “How can anyone be sad for a person whose physical life comes to an end? Look at where they get to go—look at the Light!!!” Yes, in the days since, I’ve thought about Dorothy a lot and feel a sweet sadness that our face-to-face conversations are over and our adventures are now only memories, but she has embarked on the greatest adventure of all! She has transformed into Light!

The following morning’s meditation brought more gifts. As I reflected on the night’s celebration and on Dorothy’s life, Spirit reminded me of the Universal Law of Correspondence: “As above, so below; as below, so above.” Spirit said, “You know that Light into which Dorothy dissolved also exists within you, and within every person, every living creature. You just have to open to it. You don’t often access it. You’ve covered it over with worries and dramas and goals and who you think on the outside you’re supposed to be. Strip all that away. Get back to the Light. You don’t have to call in the Light of God or Spirit. You don’t have to step into it. It is already there inside you. All you have to do is call it heaven on earth!”

I’ve known this intellectually for a long time, but never before had I experienced it in such a profound and tangible way. Never before had I felt like I was about to explode into Light! Some of the great spiritual teachers talk about “dying into the moment” or “dying into Life”. I understand that concept on a whole new level now. When we can die into the Light within us, we strip away all that is not our pure Self. We live our most authentic Selves and bring our absolute purest gifts of Love to the world.

I previously wrote about “clean slate”. In the process of opening to that Light within, I realize that this is the ultimate “clean slate!” It doesn’t get any cleaner that this! It is so easy to get caught up in life’s activities and lose touch with our real purpose here—to live Light. When we live each moment dissolving into the Light, our daily life becomes the most authentic and powerful living of Truth and of the God-self possible.

Thank you, Dorothy, for inviting me to walk with you to the crossing and touch the Light. You gave me many gifts in our years together, but your most precious gift to me is that I now understand this concept in my cells! I now have a physical experience through which to relate to and understand “living in the Light”. It’s no longer just an intellectual concept or a lovely new age idea that seems not quite connected to reality. My cells are vibrating to a new frequency.

I invite each of you to die into your Light—your God/Spirit-self. Ask Spirit to walk you to the Light as Dorothy did for me—to walk you to the threshold at the crossing. You don’t have to wait until someone close to you is crossing over. You can go there now with Spirit. Bask in the indescribable radiance of that Light until you recognize it as the Light that is also deep inside of you—that is you! Your life will be forever changed. You will recognize that your spiritual heritage is pure Light. You will see that you come from a long lineage of Light. Carry the Torch. Radiate your magnificence. Live Light!

Author's Bio: 

Alan Seale is an award-winning author, inspirational speaker, leadership and transformation coach, and spiritual mentor. He coaches leaders to live and work from a greatly expanded personal consciousness and a high level of self-awareness, to facilitate transformation, and to realize their personal and leadership potential.

He lives his soul mission - to "liberate and empower", and feels privileged to help others discover and live their soul's mission, develop their intuitive abilities for success, and become dynamic and effective leaders in both their personal and professional lives. The essence of Alan's work is re-awakening soul awareness in our culture, initiating and inspiring soul-informed conversation, and igniting new paradigms of leading and living informed by authentic soul expression and connection.

Alan's books include Soul Mission * Life Vision, Intuitive Living and The Manifestation Wheel. He maintains a full workshop schedule throughout North America, Scandinavia and Europe, and currently serves on the faculties of several prominent learning institutions.

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