Eye injuries account for nearly 25% of all welding related injuries. That alone tells us how much it is necessary to wear safety and protective gears, especially for first-time welders and hobbyist.

Other than that, the brights emission of light and ultraviolet and infrared rays are quite harmful to the eyes. We all know how much damage it can do to our skin and all, but do you know how bad it is for the eyesight and the cornea?

When you are going to work near all the steel and metals, you are found to pick some injuries here and there. But nothing could be devastating than getting some nasty burn in your head. Or worse, getting your vision ruined from the UV or infrared rays, forever!

It is why you need to choose a perfect welding helmet. As the very first of your safety gears and equipment as it will be your first line of protection against any hazards. This guide on welding helmet is all about how you are going to find the absolute best welding helmet for you.

Types of Welding Helmets:

Standard or Passive Welding Helmets are the standard helmets for protection against UV and infrared rays
Auto Darkening Welding Helmets are the more sophisticated and technically advanced helmet

Fixed or Variable Shade Helmets will protect your eyes during different welding processes like Mig or Tig welding
Battery and Solar Powered Helmets provide more energy

Advantage of Using Welding Helmet:

Better Precision

The most challenging part about welding is pointing the welding rod precisely where you want it to be. Most of the time, you can't get it where you intended to be, and you lose your accuracy. On the other hand, wearing a helmet gives your eye much-needed protection, and you will be working with much better accuracy.

Prolonged work life

The sole reason for wearing a helmet is to give your head and eye protection from the UV and infrared rays. Also to avoid getting injured from any flying particles or metal slugs. You will be able to work without getting injured and enjoy working on what you love for prolonged years.

Improved Efficiency

Putting on a helmet will give you physical protection for sure. But more than that, it will make you much more confident mentally as you will be able to work regardless of the brightness or heat. It will boost your skill and efficiency a lot.

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How to choose the best welding helmet

Deciding on the perfect welding helmet could be a challenging task. But we are here to help. There are different helmets in different prices range from under a hundred dollars to over 500 bucks.

The functions and quality vary from each helmet as well. Typically the costlier hoods provide extra features at a higher quality. But a lot of the sub-hundred dollars helmets offer excellent value.

Down below, you will find all that you have to learn and what variables to remember when selecting a helmet.

Brand Matters – With regards to your safety and health, why take a chance with some unknown brand with a substandard helmet? Sticking with the more well-known brands makes sure you get the best welding helmet. We have evaluated all of the best brands, and here are Several of the best brands. They are 3m Speedglas, Miller, Lincoln, Jackson, Hobart, Antra, Optrel, and Save Phace.

Stick to your budget – Helmets differ extremely in cost. Therefore it is crucial you understand how a great deal of you can spend. It is not challenging to find the best welding helmet within the range of 500 bucks. So in case you are merely starting, determine yours needs and choose one accordingly.

Buy Online – Many welding retailers have deals with one or maybe two brands. They can attempt to market you those items whether it is in the best interest of yours or perhaps not. Bur other than that, buying on the internet is much better in every way. It is cheaper since it's going directly from the maker. You will have additional choices because every product can be checked through reviews and it arrives right at the doorstep of yours.

Search for extras – Some helmets are available with bonuses such as a carrying container or maybe replacement lens covers. While this should not be a deal breaker, be on the search for hoods that are included with extra accessories. Who does not love free things?


Helmets are unique and created by diverse companies. So their performance, efficiency, and qualities differ from brands to brands.

They all have different areas of strengths and weaknesses. It depends on both short and long-term term usage. But the most critical concern that a customer is the ability to help you from the harmful exposure of arc rays.

But whatever choice you are going to make, make sure it is going to give you a long time service. Also make sure it is the most suitable helmet for you

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For a welder, the ultimate means of protection regarding his face is the welding helmet. There are different types of welding helmets available in the market