Thoughts about friendship and about marriages vary in different extremes and all depend on the right words for friendship. Among friends in any relationship there have always been requirements. Cicero believed that in order to be true friends, one must have complete honesty, truth and trust. His thoughts about friendship is clear. The ancient Chinese equated trust with loyalty. It is not based on laws of reciprocity (when something is done, the favor is repaid.) One dictionary defines a friend as one you know well and hold in high regard. It is based on the Old English (mid-5th century to mid-12th century) version of the same words for friendship. Synonyms include acquaintance, supporter, booster, advocate, and proponent. Each of these definitions are easily explained but the impact from a good relationship and the resulting feelings can’t be defined in mere words.

In our pursuit of all things about marriages we have found that in marriage there should be nothing less sought after and valued than a best friendship. Partners in marriage should let nothing stand in their way of having love, affection and respect for the other and to always have thoughts about friendship in one's mind. A good relationship isn’t something that just happens. While the world sometimes is so busy causing us to be distracted from those things of most importance, we must be willing to give our time and energy for love even when it is difficult to do so. Respect and words for friendship is another characteristic required in a successful attachment to someone. It is not possible to stand by and watch a friend do wrong and be able to hold that relationship in high favor. In marriage we should seek to help and lift our partner to a higher sense of responsibility.

Love is necessary for a good marriage and a strong friendship. Love is a strong emotion that is valued by most above the riches of the earth. For many religions it is not merely a suggestion but a commandment. To Christians it is the highest commandment. In Islam the Qur'an refers to love frequently. With the Jewish faith also comes the importance of love. Our thoughts about friendship is that it is all about marriages. In such a relationship the our words for friendship should include “I love you,” I am sorry,” and of course “than you.” Love is unconditional in keeping the tie of a relationship strong. It is not easily obtained. It requires effort. Effort that is well worth the time.

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