About GoFounders:

Launched in July 2018, GoFounders is a back-office platform for ONPASSIVE which allows a member to register as a founder and make use of tools and services offered to build a community with complete transparency. The platform has features to invite and build teams to work in alignment by using tools designed only for the founders.

Already 50,000+ members have already registered on this emerging world leader in the online marketing industry segment. The only reason the company has observed a consistent and continuous growth in the founders’ list is that it offers complete financial freedom along with a standalone hands-free business. The company has already marked its presence in more than hundreds of countries across the globe.

The Vision of the Founder:

Ash Mufareh, the founder and visionary of GoFounders company, is a genius of online marketing and his experience in this field has played a major role in the evolution of this company since its launch. His only goal is to empower every business owner to lead a successful business and also live a personal life which every business person craves to have. So, he came up with the concept of providing an automated business to the members who register on a sole platform which allows them to work as a team to achieve success. At the same time, he created a plan for its members to earn residual income for the entire life.

ONPASSIVE is the ultimate online marketing solution and Ash’s imagination that came true along with GoFounders in 2018. ONPASSIVE is a path-breaking platform which automates business activities through the tools which are integrated with Artificial Intelligence. AI-driven task force takes care of recruitment and marketing activities and does promotion and selling of your products and services on your behalf.
The company also offers a self-promoting and unique compensation plan with 3X10 forced matrix which enables a member to earn for each enrolment done by self and also by others who fall into their level in the matrix by a Spill-Over auto-enrolment feature. Thus, it ensures a continuous flow of residual passive income for a member until he/she remains active on the platform.

Business Objective of GoFounders:

ONPASSIVE has an objective of transforming business in auto-mode through various AI integrated tools, whereas GoFounders plays a vital role as a back-office to support smooth registration operation of ONPASSIVE. GoFounders acts as a gateway to the benefits offered by the ONPASSIVE company. Unless someone registers and builds a team on GoFounders platform, it is highly unlikely to access the tools and benefits of ONPASSIVE.

How to Join GoFounders:

There are 2 ways of becoming part of GoFounders family:

a. By invitation: Founders or existing members get in touch with interested members through webinars, public speaking, emails or social media sites and share links to register on GoFounders website. Any registration done by invitation gives you a chance to be in the team of the person who invited you.

b. Direct Registration: A person need not have to wait for a webinar to be conducted in a nearby location or online. If the person is already aware of this wonderful platform and wants to be part of it, then he/she can visit the website and register directly. In this case, a person will be randomly placed in a team but with the same features and services as offered to other members who joined via invitation.

Benefits of Joining GoFounders:

There are multiple advantages of joining GoFounders, however below are major points which are mostly considered as top reasons for joining the company:
1.Access to multiple team-building tools
2.Free guaranteed web traffic post ONPASSIVE goes live
3. Automated business activities
4.Continuous life-long residual income-earning opportunity
5.Access to resources like tutorials, webinar videos, downloadable e-books and posters for marketing, link building and invitation tools.
6.24/7 dedicated customer support
7.The world-class state-of-the-art development team

Author's Bio: 

GoFounders is one of the successful Internet marketing businesses. It specializes in providing fully automated marketing solutions to streamline the world of marketing. The organization is all set to the change millions of lives globally.