When we are talking about gap insurance, we know that: When you buy or lease a new car or truck, the automobile starts to depreciate in value the moment it leaves the car lot. The fact is that most vehicles may lose 20% of their value within a year. The standard about gap insurance policies cover the discredited value of a vehicle— this means, a standard policy pays the actual market value of the vehicle at the time of a claim.
In case that you finance the purchase of a new vehicle and put down only a minimum of deposit, in the early years of the vehicle's ownership the amount of the loan can outbid the market value of the vehicle itself.
If you make an accident in which you have badly damaged or totaled your car, gap insurance covers the difference between what a vehicle is currently worth. This means your standard insurance will pay and the amount you factually owe on it.

When you might need about gap insurance
It is marvelous intent to consider buying gap insurance for your new vehicle purchase if you:
• You made a payment smaller than 20%.
• You financed for 5 years or longer.
• Leased the vehicle.
• Purchased a vehicle that depreciates faster than the average.
• When you have taken gap insurance.

Significant benefits
• Gap Insurance can pay the loan if you lose your job or have a disability.
• Makes reimbursing repairs if your vehicle is damaged in an accident but not totaled.
• Renting a car if your vehicle is damaged in an accident.
• Also, it covers the difference between what your car was worth before an accident and after it is repaired.


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Blerina Laska